When to expect the function of tracking sleep in the Apple Watch?

Apple Watch, which, as it turned out recently, developed largely through the feedback of ordinary users, in the foreseeable future can obtain one of the most anticipated among the fans of branded smart hours Apple innovations. As reported by Bloomberg, citing informed sources, Apple will lead the development of tracking sleep quality, which will provide enhanced control over the health of the user.

“Our sources close to Apple, said that it is testing functions for tracking sleep quality over several months. They are held in secret labs in the city of Cupertino, California. According to one of our interlocutors, if the innovation proves its efficiency when you monitor the sleep state of user, the company can add it to the Apple Watch, but not before 2020,” writes Bloomberg.

Sleep tracking on Apple Watch

The function of tracking sleep is one of the most popular among users. As shown by multiple polls, the owners of Apple Watch current generations very much regret that their watch can’t track the quality of their sleep by default and to use the information to predict the optimal Wake-up time. This feature is called “smart alarm clock” and allows you to Wake the user in the REM sleep, when Wake-up occurs most readily for the body.

But the efficiency of the tracker, which is calculated in Cupertino, is not the only condition that depends on whether Apple will implement it into future Apple Watch. Because far from the record levels of autonomy hours the most users prefer to put them on charge over night in the morning to wear them again. Continuous tracking of user movements during the night will lead to increased energy consumption requiring a significant upgrade of the internal battery.

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