When we receive the transport of the future Hyperloop and how fast they can move?

Originally developed by head of SpaceX Elon Musk, Hyperloop (hyperpaths) is a new form of land transport, which will allow passengers to move between locations at the speed of over 1100 km per hour. If you think that the futuristic concept of the Hyperloop, if built, will produce a real transport revolution. Just imagine: passengers sit in the capsules, which are sealed pipes to move them to the destination faster aircraft. Hyperloop works on electric motor and magnetic levitation. However, despite the fact that it looks like science fiction, the Hyperloop will become a reality soon.

Coming a new transport revolution

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What is Hyperloop?

The idea of the Hyperloop come to mind the founder of SpaceX and Tesla Elon musk in 2012. However, outlined his vision for a superfast transport system that will move the capsule with passengers through the steel pipes, the entrepreneur many years ago. Don’t know if the animated series Futurama in any way related to this idea, but it looks that way. Let me remind you, according to the story in the year 3000, people just went into the pipe, which carried them to the destination at high speed.

Speaking in simple words, the Hyperloop is a train in the tube. The fact that the pipe can pump out the air and lower its resistance. The lower the impedance, the higher you can reach speeds.

But the path from idea to its implementation is not simple. So, if expected price in the $ 6 billion Hyperloop concept will never be realized. But regardless of the cost and difficulty of erecting practically the ultrasonic system of ground transportation, according to the head of Tesla, Hyperloop is a cross between a plane and a train.

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It looks like the capsule hyperpoetry built Hyperloop Virgin One

Indeed, the very idea hyperpoetry there is nothing fundamentally new, but all technologies have been tested, so it was easy to collect them together. It is noteworthy that the concept of futuristic hyperpoetry will be open source. Let me remind you that open source code is code of a computer program, which is open to all users and allows you to learn in the process.

Real speed Hyperloop

According to the idea depending on the landscape – speed Hyperloop should reach from 480 to 1220 km/h. the Speed of movement existing today capsules Hyperloop – the Hyperloop Virgin OPE is 387 km per hour. But the record belongs to the German company TUM Hyperloop, which in 2018 was able to accelerate the capsule up to 457 kilometers per hour.

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On Hyperloop?

Previously, Musk has called the world community and the company to develop the necessary technology hyperpoetry, without the participation of the entrepreneur. This led to the formation of many startups and student teams that work on the development of Hyperloop and translate it into reality. Recently became aware of the proposals for the construction of a Hyperloop between Paris and Amsterdam, which could carry passengers from one point to another in less than 90 minutes.

So it may look like the passenger Hyperloop

But Virgin startup Hyperloop Operator, founded by Richard Branson in 2017 built a full-sized capsule on a test track in the Nevada. Reportedly, the capsule was able to reach 387 km per hour. Recall that the company aims to reach a top speed of 1220 km/h. At the same Virgin Hyperloop slightly deviates from the original plan by Elon musk, as it combines two basic principles:

  • first, magnetic levitation technology, which is already used in monorails for lifting passenger capsules and move them. Magnetic levitation uses two sets of magnets – one pair raises the capsule from the paths, and the second moves them at high speed with reduced friction.
  • second, vacuum-sealed environment with low pressure removes most of the air from the pipes and has no contact with the ground. The result of the capsule faced little resistance during movement. It is noteworthy that the air pressure inside the pipe is the equivalent of flying at altitude of 61 km above the sea level.

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The construction of future transport is in full swing

Where it will build a Hyperloop?

Virgin Hyperloop Operators have launched a global task of search of optimal routes for new transport system. More than 2,600 proposals regarding the location of the stations hyperpoetry from all over the world, the list was reduced to 35 potential locations. So, having 10 winners worldwide, Hyperloop could work in partnership with the government in each of the locations.

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Is it safe to Hyperloop technology?

Virgin hyperloop One explains that they have to build a thick steel pipe that is extremely difficult to puncture or break. In addition, tubes designed to withstand a pressure change and air leakage, while maintaining its structural integrity. There is also the possibility to cut part of the route and re-escalate pressure in areas where there is an emergency, and all capsules are expected to be equipped with emergency exits.

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The cost of the trip in hyperpole will be lower than a plane ticket, because there is such a large expenditure on infrastructure as in the case of airports, and operation of the route itself is cheap, too. Anyway, all of us should be preparing the revolution of passenger and cargo transportation in the next decade. The future is very close.

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