When we see the phone full screen?

Water months in the phones in 2017 will continue to evolve in 2018, certainly, and perhaps see the development of large phones that have screens without dialogue soon. Perhaps one of the developments that we see from Samsung, the largest exploiters of water new. And Samsung now manufactures 80% of the face of the phone as a screen under the name infinity display in phones S9 وS9 Plus new.

But is this is all you have Samsung? Fortunately I don’t. The Korean giant has in last May to get the best invention for the screens that fill the face of the phone to 100%, which were not made by any company until now.

Designs potential

Include the designs that got Samsung on the patented design of the phone’s screen covers 100% of the face without the presence of the incision where they put the camera sensors and ear under the screen, a technique sure is tough but it will be a big profit to the Company if they have reached him already.

The second design is like the iPhone X has a slit to put the front camera sensors, and another for the button, a physicist at the minimum or sensor mark, which is the design doesn’t seem that it will be implemented, which is the current design for Samsung phones, maybe the best of this.

New designs appear with the Note that a 9?

Often coming phones S9 وS9 Plus designs similar to the S8 and S8 Plus, which was released last year, with some changes, so don’t expect screens that cover 100% of the face of the phone with the phones in the series Galaxy Note.

But it probably changed when the advent of the Note 9 in the second half of 2018 where it is possible to be a techniques may have become ready, in addition to phones Note You Need Is the fact of this change due to the sizes of big phones which it is possible to reduce them after benefit generally the whole phone as a screen.

This subject when we see the phone full screen? Appeared first on say Delta technology.

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