When will Android 10 for Galaxy S9 Galaxy Note 9

The release of the latest update for Android, unlike iOS, means it is guaranteed to only update for smartphones same manufacturer – Google. The owners of all other devices are forced to guess, will allow them to be updated this time or the limit is already exhausted, and more can not count on that. However, during the existence of Android users have learned the different signs to figure out whether to wait for updates for a particular model. As a rule, in such cases, look at the age and status of the smartphone. If it came out a year ago and was positioned as the flagship, then at least one update it will.

Galaxy S9 will be updated to Android 10, but obviously not this year

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Samsung plans to launch the beta Android 10 for Galaxy S9 and Note 9 in the very near future, found out SamMobile. Report colleagues has no reference to the exact date of the first test build, so it can be interpreted as anything. However, expect the launch of the beta program is likely before the update will get Galaxy Note 10 and S10, not worth it. The fact that Samsung usually tests new OS versions for three or four stages that last approximately two and a half weeks.

When One UI 2.0 for Galaxy S9

Based on the previous experience, it can be assumed that the first beta Android 10 for smartphones 2018 model year will be released in early January. Anyway, last year testing Android 9 Pie for Galaxy S8 is started in the same period. So the probability is high that Samsung will maintain the same pace, and therefore, the release of the Android 10 for Galaxy S9 will take place in February. But this is assuming that all goes according to plan, because it is possible that during adaptation the updates can cause problems, because of which the startup will have to reschedule.

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In One UI 2.0, which is based on Android 10, Samsung has continued to develop the idea underlying the original version of the shell. The company’s developers have made many elements of the firmware is more compact and unobtrusive, as much as possible to free up space on the screen. As a result, even if you decide not to accept an incoming call, the call window will not block the workspace allowing you to continue to go about their business without interruption as long as the caller does not hang up.

What’s new in One UI 2.0

Were also redesigned the layout of the interface. In One UI 2.0 it was decided to make the controls more accessible, relegating them to the bottom of the screen. This will allow to work more effectively with smartphones with extended screens. Their top is the visual area that displays information, and the bottom contact, allowing you to control smartphones without having to do finger gymnastics.

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Galaxy Note S9 and 9, will likely be the last flagship Samsung smartphone that will receive Android 10. The fact that Google rules allow the company to stop the release of a new version of the operating system for Galaxy S8 and Note 8 but require them to provide security patches on a quarterly basis. Despite the fact that any new features they don’t usually provide, their release means that the smartphone is still supported by the manufacturer and can be considered the actual model.

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