When will the film about the cryptocurrency with Kurt Russell? Response producer

In mid-June, the actor Kurt Russell has announced about the intention to participate participation in the filming of “Crypto”. It tells the story of a young agent investigating fraud and money laundering in new York.

Now the film’s producer Jordan Levin, revealed details about the film — he is already in post-production and will be released in 2019. The producer also admitted that none of the team members has no real idea about the cryptocurrency. This writes Bitcoin.com.

Cryptocurrency — now in cinema

According to Levin, the filmmakers do not claim to be a professional assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of the cryptocurrency.

I don’t know, does anyone of us an expert in this field. We decided to make this film from scratch versed in how to operate digital money. Our team members — those who became a little more educated in the field of Finance during the shooting, nothing more.

Levin added that the authors did not bcuservice on a given coin. The plot is based on a reverse side digital money — corruption, otmivanie money and organized crime.

Despite all the shortcomings, we hope that cryptocurrency has a future. And that’s one of the reasons we wanted to make this film.

The film will be shot in the genre of Thriller and will remind “the Girl with the dragon tattoo”. In addition to Russell it will play Alexis Bledel, Jeremy Harris, Luke Hemsworth and others.

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