When will we see augmented reality from Apple

Here don’t want to remember about Ming Chi-Kuo, but he can’t go anywhere. Came true another prediction, and literally two weeks later. Interactive points from Apple, uses augmented reality technology will be released in 2022-2023 year, not in 2020. In 2020 for these technologies has found another use. Ming Chi-Kuo was predicting at the end of October. Or maybe he just knew?

Apple is actively developing augmented reality

The group involved in the Apple augmented reality changed direction. That in the opinion of management, the company should have been out this year, as it turned out, not ready. Moreover, the project stalled. The draft in its current incarnation started in 2017 (it was already the third or fourth such project at Apple), in complete and total secrecy (on its very existence was known only to its direct participants, senior management of the company – and, oddly enough, the media). ARKit and operating system rOS (another iOS-like system) – elements of this project. The objective of the project was the development of “wearable computer” in the form of glasses, like Google Glass, only really able to change the world. In the manual Apple believed that it is not inferior to the iPhone for its importance and value for the company and of all mankind, and probably even surpasses it. The group’s achievements can not be overemphasized. Some of their achievements are unique and have no analogues. But the device not.

However, in this direction have tried their hand, many companies have even sold their wares to the General public – but, by and large, these efforts came to no avail. In professional areas where such devices are specially trained people, they are already for a decade, become indispensable. But the common users are different from professionals, they need a different approach, they require a perfect and polished to a dazzling Shine, elegant product that quickly and just starts doing whatever he needs – and they, because they paid a lot of money, they just need to use it. Getting pleasure from it, and sometimes even good. Nobody promised that to do something like this would be easy. A genius, able to lead the creation of such a device, as it turned out, no. Or not: Rick Rockwell spearheaded this project and the entire project a month or two ago, who was that and what happened to him is unknown. If he is alive?

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I will first explain what do we know about the Apple adopted in the decision and plans in this incredible hidden company, and then the actual plans, and that according to IT the Oracle of the island of Taiwan, is waiting for us in 2020.

Meeting in the theatre is strictly confidential

This week (I’m writing on Friday, November 15) was probably the most unusual since the days when Steve gave Apple Computer in a Palace coup, came to power and stopped flying into the abyss with the acceleration of free fall company. After that, there were other dramatic events, but no one in the world they are not learned. Why would anyone know about it? People are much more interesting one day, suddenly, to see on stage or screen, something that would nice to diversify their lives, clear and simple, which is unbearably want to have – especially when in reality it is something that is even better and more interesting.

It began meeting in the name of Steve jobs. Only for their own, other people in the hall were not. In the theater – because nowhere else in the Apple’s campus to gather in one place a thousand people is impossible. You know what it was. Talked about changing plans related to augmented reality, interactive glasses and, probably, still something. No one filmed the event on video. No one had a job from any edition to reveal its essence and highlight the most interesting and vital moments. Strangers there wasn’t supposed to be at all. It is not known who led the meeting, who it appeared, was there any discussion, or was it a one-way communication session. If not for a press conference in new York, the day after the meeting and not the transformation of the phantom and myth in a real, and apparently very good computer, about the meeting and its results, the media would have written already. But on Tuesday and Wednesday, media lived in other news.

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On Thursday, when the storm named 16-inch MacBook Pro have calmed down (at a time when in Moscow there will come the evening, the media was overwhelmed by its sequel), a few media have reported on this meeting. Only on the topic, without unnecessary details. “Their man” in the camp of Apple is too valuable, it in no event it is impossible “to kindle. Or “them”. I’m trying to imagine the reaction of Steve in a similar situation. And I can’t. It this just could not happen at all, ever. On the other hand, do not worry because that did not happen. Maybe it is normal?

Decision of the meeting confidential

Demonstration ARKit at WWDC

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, in 2020 smart glasses Apple will not be announced. First, they’re not ready for that, and secondly- the decisions that will be used need to be improved, running in the real world, improvement and the like. Thirdly, it’s time to answer appeared on other mobile platforms system, “precision localization surrounding the mobile device space.” In Apple this system is called “three-dimensional sensor”, or a 3D Sensor. The system (or technology) developed in the framework of the project “smart glasses”, it is almost ready for use in the products of the company.

According to the most successful IT-Oracle of our day, 3D Sensor debuts in March 2020, the new iPad Pro. The new iPad Pro? Most likely, the iPad Pro, 3D Sensor and the successor to iPhone SE will be announced at the annual March event. According to tradition, the event held in March focused on a specific topic – for example, services, or Apple’s success in education is at this time the main topic will be 3D Sensor and AR? And what relation it has to the iPhone’s successor SE? In the budget, beyond a cheap smartphone with a 3D Sensor, like, inappropriate? Or the successor to iPhone SE will announce in the same way declared 16-inch MacBook Pro? According to the prophecy of the great IT-Oracle, the Apple 3D Sensor will be available in September, presumably the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.

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