When will we see the Note phones of Samsung are coming out Galaxy S10’s?

After we heard the announcement of the Samsung their support the sheet in its future, some wonder: When will it? Any mobile which will note? What about the phone the tenth anniversary of the Galaxy S10’s?

Answer this in the shadow of the leakage coaches separated at noon today, the first Russian journalist was closely related to Samson, wrote that the first phones that will support the new screens are Galaxy A70 and A90 and two from the medium category, but they’re stronger than the A7 and A9.

Strange that the source says that the launch date is expected for phones available is February, which was specific for Galaxy S10, where he said that the telephone of the tenth anniversary will be delayed to no later than March. If this does not leave a long period between the launch of the two phones, so launched the Galaxy (A8 (2018, such as the Galaxy S9.

Photo to imagine the screens of the Samsung revealed by

The third source is from one of the staff leaked their for Samsung, and on the screen of the Galaxy S10, saying they wouldn’t come to the screen where the note V or U, but the network invite-O flukes.

Image for Galaxy S10

Both hit the registry or made a mistake, it seems to us that the screen invite the New “New Infinity” will be ready for Samsung phones before the first half of 2019 at least, where what we know about this tea from the patent they would lose the camera sensors under it though so now I had Samsung support note.

Speaking of sensors, he said the second source to the interface One UI new is coming to the Note 8 and S8 allegedly confirmed Samsung official not, despite what we said yesterday about not coming in the devices last year.

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