When you create a HIV vaccine will be used for specific antibodies of the virus

Large-scale study of HIV and the continuous search for cure of this dangerous virus are, unfortunately, not as quickly as we would like. While it has long been known that in some people the immune system can produce antibodies against HIV, blocks the majority of known strains of the virus. And a team of experts from the University of Zurich (Switzerland) said that the way to defeat HIV is in the study of such cases.

According to the publication Science Daily, a group of Swiss scientists found that the conditions under which the organism is ready to resist HIV, it is not only a high level of viral load and duration of infection, but also the genome of the virus itself. During research scientists have collected 4500 blood samples of HIV-infected people. Among these samples selected 303 pairs of patients infected by the same strain. It turned out that in these cases the immune response depended on the genetic characteristics of the virus. Antibodies the immune system attacking HIV to bind to proteins located on the surface of the virus. While different strains of HIV differ and skins that affects the character of the immune response.

Antibody (dark gray) binds to the protein shell on the surface of the virus

Thus, the experts came to the conclusion that the immune response is not on the virus itself as a whole and on the specific proteins of a particular strain. It turns out that for vaccine development, it is necessary to identify virus proteins that will meet the immune system. According to one of the study’s authors, virologist Alexandra Trikala,

“We have already found the first candidate for the development of the first version of the vaccine. And based on the obtained data we want to start the drugs.”

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