When you do not need to get your smart phone and look into it

Today we are very much attached to their smartphones and constantly have to check incoming notifications. Even when there is no notification, we have developed a habit to look at your phone regularly and open a favorite app in search of something new. Alas, it is not always decent. Most of us know, in any case, do not attempt to get your smartphone. But if you want to tell someone that it violates etiquette, show him this article.

Don’t reach for a smartphone to date

Arranging a romantic evening with a nice man, distracted by the smartphone is not worth it. You can ignore this rule if you are in the company of close friends. In this case, no one will think bad of you if you get distracted by the smartphone. But when you’re alone with a man, show him respect. He’s here for you and you for him.

Don’t reach for the smartphone in the movie

For starters, turn off the sound. The signals on your phone will interfere with the viewing of the film. To watch the glowing screen of your smartphone in a dark theater, also not very nice. Just leave it in your pocket or bag throughout the session. Enjoy the film, and then view on a smartphone. Do what you wish, while before the film to show ads and trailers, but remove the smartphone as soon as the movie starts.

Don’t pull out your smartphone at the meeting

You have a business question that needs to be addressed at the meeting? So to solve it. If your smartphone is not required, leave him alone. It’s like that to get a paper and start doing a crossword puzzle during the meeting.

Don’t pull out your smartphone at the funeral

Have to mention it. Just don’t do it. Show respect to all.

At concerts and sporting events, forget the smartphone

Most likely, you would not want, if you pull out your smartphone during a concert or a football match. Everyone will understand you, if you want to take a picture. Absolutely no one will blame you if you look at the phone constantly, but is that what you paid for the tickets and came to the event?

Don’t reach for your smartphone when you need friends

When your wife is on the ultrasound procedure and for the first time to see your with her child, it’s best not to spoil this moment. Or when your husband wants to show how well he hung the birdhouse, no need to spoil his mood, staring at the phone. Similar moments happen a lot, and you better share them with loved ones who count on your attention.

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