When you get 5G technology to us? And what’s all this controversy about it?

Perhaps the technique الـ5G are more the concern of the technical community, especially with regard to smartphones-this is where the company has great contacts in the United States or even European countries have provided support for this young fast-this is besides the Arab countries like the UAE and that in itself is pushing smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei launches the phones in support of development of new however, Apple did not do! Why? And when we expect the iPhone supports الـ5G from Apple?

Technical الـ5G from our perspective and from the perspective of Apple

A short time ago, maybe age or two had to talk about الـ5G is the newly technology difficult application however, we now skip this phase fully and become the technical already available either from the companies or phones, but that doesn’t erase the fact that الـ5G is a technology “under the council employment” where anyone can convince of anything else as not important at all, while someone else might convince you that it’s very important… it seems that Apple is the first person.

Apple seeks to assess the characteristics of effective and usable for all users this is unlike Android which allows you to get hundreds of nurses and uses that may not need a quarter of the users up to this reality, so for Don’t want to waste الـ5G in its phones because it simply won’t be able to every person to make use of them!

Apple did not mention 5G entertained at the launch of the iPhone 11 however, Tim Cook did earlier where he stated:

“الـ5G not good enough to be added in iPhone”

Here we will not be able to prove the fault of the Cook, and this because the words of his building on the basis of the first, and secondly because this topic is the subject of “needs courtesy”!

5G networks truly great and offer speed upload and Download awesome coupled with submission to the levels of Latency and Ping are perfect but it simply is not everywhere, what is the advantage of الـ5G if you can’t use it to the bus station or the shops only! Apple -I am also – do you think you and spent more than $ 1500 to buy the iPhone supports the fifth generation slightest of your rights is to get in touch fifth generation in every place, at least in your home and your business.

This is for perspective Apple as a company, whether stated directly or not, see that the technique unnecessary in the iPhone this year since it technically still need to develop a large, that while we in iPhone Islam especially (Tarek Mansour the founder of iPhone Islam) We think that الـ5G will make our world a better, more effective, or at least our virtual world, this is because the speed of the pumping provides and communication protocols in general will allow for cloud computing to continue to grow and develop perhaps the simplest example of this is the play of cloud such as platform Google Stadia which allows you to play without any hardware strong … just need internet fast and stable.

Apple is usually late, and maybe the breeding sometimes

“Apple is always late in providing any service or a new technology in its devices, as long as they are not able to develop themselves within their own interests,” Neil Shah (acting). This is what was mentioned by one of the employees in the company Counterpoint Research, and I already see he’s right, but maybe add it to Apple late in the year, whether it was from the factory or not, also what has been said in this regard is that Apple has failed to provide 5G technology are to recognize them based on the modem of Intel, which has acquired them soon.

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Most phones that support الـ5G at the current time are the phones with the Snapdragon X50 in most cases work these phones processors Snapdragon also as we know there are old problems and numerous between Qualcomm and Apple, the problems that prompted Apple -sort of – for the purchase of train season at the Intel! Any that Apple is now “between two fires” where they are able to provide 5G objectionable it using Intel and is able to effective cooperation with Qualcomm! So, just assume the person is to الـ5G won’t appear in iPhone, but after that the shows have to train the Intel-owned Apple?

What is the situation now? And what do we expect?

Upper a rumor has been circulating in recent months is that the iPhone 12 will be coming with support for 5G and Don Knotts also support a frequency of 120Hz for the company and could be able to cook and wash clothes also?, but we really don’t know what will happen, and you might be now regularly answer a very important question: When will we see the iPhone with the 5G?

We can answer this question: we will see the iPhone 5G when to be technical and have spread effectively to ensure its work independence and also when the Apple Watch of its own industrialization, that’s also when Apple is another big problem, namely the differing standards of الـ5G between a number of states, for example the United States used to standard Millimeter-Wave to run الـ5G, which depend on Wave short-range, but with excellent speed, while the United Kingdom used another technique relies on the wave longer a technique similar to بالـ4G.

What we want to say is that Apple should develop a modem that supports the operations as is the case in modem Qualcomm previously mentioned it is difficult, it is harder than any other time that private industry Intel intended already treated with الـ5G!

What is your opinion about the technique of the fifth generation in general? And what is your prediction for Apple in this regard? We shared right now!



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