Where can I find full manual to Apple technology

Regardless of whether you are a beginner, or have already become a power user of technology Apple, it is always useful to have on hand the official leadership. However, the company has accustomed us to minimalism, and full instructions have not included devices. However, if you want to find the manual to the right gadget is not difficult.

Maybe you don’t know, but Apple have not released guidance on physical media. All the necessary instructions distributed exclusively in electronic format. This allows the company to make regular changes to the user with the release of new updates, thereby maintaining their relevance.

So where can you find instructions for Apple technology?

All official guides are available in the iBooks store. They are here. Download and study the manual on any device, be it Mac, iPhone or iPad. Of course, all for free and in Russian.

The documentation also includes a table of contents. Activating the iBooks option in the top left corner, you can navigate to it.

Official instructions are also available in a web format. They are located at this address.

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