Where is more profitable to just mine Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is growing, especially if you look at the course of bitcoin in mid-spring. If the background you decided to blow off the dust from their ASIC miners for mining BTC, you may even have to change their place of residence. We tell, in which countries on today’s most profitable mine bitcoins.

Mining cryptocurrency is guaranteed to be a profitable occupation if you live in certain countries. It’s funny that it is often in developed countries, electricity costs can quickly surpass the income.

The most favorable places for mining Bitcoin. Source: Powercompare.uk

As writes British online Powercompare.uk Bitcoin mining now consumes more electricity than 178 countries. The list includes most countries in Africa as well as Greece, Ireland. It’s pretty serious isn’t it?

If you want to be sure that “things work out”, consider the launch of a large farm in the following countries.

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Source: The National

Given the relatively inexpensive life, Kuwait takes 148 place in the ranking of the most expensive countries. At the same time there is enough solar energy, so electricity is fairly cheap. In this country of the middle East region production of each BTC in the average cost of $ 1415.


Source: rfi.fr

If you are ready to cope with food shortages, hyperinflation and the complete blackouts, then Venezuela can be considered the second cheapest place for bitcoin mining. Here, the costs of mining each coin cost 1630 dollars.

Given the rapid demand for Bitcoin in this country, no wonder the mining sector is also very fast growing.


Source: Unsplash

If you are drawn to the exotic, why not head to the far East in Myanmar? Likely to live here a little better than in Venezuela, but the costs for each BTC reach 3087 dollars.

During a protracted bear market throughout 2018, this price the coins were quite unattractive. But now, when the price of the dominant crypt holds above 10 thousand dollars, the benefit is obvious. In addition, there is a lot of interesting architecture and quite pleasant climate.


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At least, cheaper than in neighbouring Kuwait. Thus the capital of Bahrain, Manama can be a good place to move if you want to mine bitcoins. Here you can still make a good cream, because mining BTC each costs about 3628 dollars.

However, here you have to collect all the air conditioners in all the neighboring countries, to somehow reduce the temperature of the air, and to protect mining equipment from overheating. It’s a joke, of course.


Photo: Xinhua

The situation with Bitcoin mining in China is very uncertain. The national Commission for development and reform Commission (NDRC) urged to prohibit and liquidate the industry.

However, there was no direct ban on mining BTC. If you do decide to gamble, then mining each bitcoin will cost you 3645 dollars. Given the current state of the market can speak about a three-fold profit.

So have you decided where to go mine BTC and save for retirement? Share your plans with other enthusiasts and miners in our cryptodata of hontarov.

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