Where Lightning Network are the most popular? Unexpected rating

Implementation of Lightning Network is given to developers with difficulty, but the statistics dissemination and adoption network is pleased. The ecosystem almost every week hitting new records, although it is just in the initial stage of its inception. And what about the technology in numbers?

Most often in the media mention many nodes, payment channels and overall monetary capacity as the metric of “size,” Lightning network. At the time of writing their number in the network has reached 6370, and mannete was opened almost 30 thousand payment channels. Only last month the number of nodes, channels and network capacity has increased by 15, 33 and 28 percent, respectively.

What is behind the rapid spread Lightning?

The statistics reveals some surprising facts, according to Bitcoinist. The lion’s share nodes and channels, and nearly 80 percent of the bandwidth comes from the United States. But in fact the city with most of the GBR is Toronto. Canadian nodes provide the network with a capacity of 24.4 BTC. This puts Toronto in third place in the world in terms of making Lightning Network. Above it are Frankfurt (25.2 per BTC) and Ashburn, Virginia, which account for almost 60 percent of capacity.

4 place ranking is the German city of Nuremberg, which indicates that the diversification of the network of Lightning outside the continent. Of the twenty largest contributors network Lightning also includes Berlin, Hamburg, Singapore and Amsterdam.

As written by Bitcoinist, last month, Lightning has achieved such public recognition, which could not even be imagined just six months ago. Probably, this progress is associated with the raising in the media, Lightning-relay and statements of Jack Dorsey, who not only publicly praised the technology, but also hinted at its possible integration with the companies Twitter and Square in the future.

Among the other steps on the way to increase making possible to note the emergence of consumer projects like Lightning Pizza. With its help any person in USA, Canada, and soon in Europe will be able to order a pizza via Lightning-payments. More data look at cryptodata.

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