Whether Apple will leave the Russian market?

To conduct international business is very difficult, and Apple is living proof of that. Because of the wide geographical presence of the company have to comply with a huge number of legislative norms, rules and requirements present in the countries where it operates. Of course, not always Apple like the fact that it is required, but sometimes no other choice but submission, the company simply does not. This was the case, when it demanded to transfer the data of Chinese iCloud users in China or when she was forbidden to turn on the Ultra Wideband technology in Russia. But neither the one nor the other forced her to withdraw from these markets.

Apple may be planning to leave Russia, if you do not agree to the installation of Russian software

This week the state Duma in the first reading passed a billrequiring manufacturers to factory install on their smart phones supplied to Russia, Russian software developers. In case of default of requirements of vendors waiting for the first fine, and then a complete ban on the sale of proprietary technology. But if many manufacturers of Android smartphones in General, are quite loyal to the regional IN a setting without unnecessary wrangling, experts believe that Apple, most likely, will refuse and will be forced to leave the Russian market. Or not?

Whether Apple will leave the Russian market

State Duma Deputy, member of the Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications Anton Gorelkin reassured fans of Apple. He said that Apple will not leave the Russian market because agree to meet the requirements of the new law. According to Gorelkina, Russia is a valuable region, doing business in the territory of which is important from the point of view of preventing the conquest of other companies. After all, if Apple refuses the Russian market, its place was immediately occupied by the competitors who are just waiting for this.

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“To say that Apple will now leave the market, this is ridiculous. This calls for excessive heating up of the situation. Nowhere Apple will not go away and will continue to work on the market, I strongly believe in it,” — said the Deputy.

Apple is the leader, and she would want to sacrifice

The fact that Apple really have something to lose. Now Russia is included into a three of world leaders on the use of Apple Pay. The company itself has repeatedly stated, separating Russia from other computer. And if Cupertino decides to withdrawal from the Russian market, they will lose too much, because this statement might lead to huge losses. The company will lose the opportunity to continue to increase the number of its services, not to mention-branded devices, which, despite the high price, here are popular.

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Some experts believe that Apple will be forced to leave the Russian market, because it is simply not able to fulfill the requirement of the new law. Company allegedly operating company does not allow third-party presets FOR that, of course, is not true. A few years ago Apple was regularly installed on their devices apps Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Maps and even the mustache is not the muzzle. Moreover, at one time the company even used the data from Yandex.Cards, when it launched its own map service, because he feared that the available data is not enough to work on the territory of Russia. What to say about the hardware of the concessions that Apple went for Chinese and Japanese. It is known that for the first Apple released the dual SIM iPhone, but for the second start to set smartphones a sensor FeliCa for fare collection in public transport.

Will Apple Russian software

I’m sure Apple will agree to begin to install on their devices the Russian software. In the end, in Cupertino without much indignation has agreed to transfer to Russia the local iCloud users, and therefore, it is unlikely it will oppose the decisions of the domestic software vendors. Well, and besides, the bill can still a few times to Refine it, reducing its effect on the producers to a minimum.

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