Whether or not OnePlus 6 from water?

Despite the fact that OnePlus 6 does not have any formal certification in any of the standards of protection from the elements, his body is more resistant to moisture than commonly believed. To such conclusion experts of the laboratory iFixit disassembled the device down to the smallest detail.

Protection from the destructive forces of water provide silicone seals that prevent moisture penetration. These seals surround all vital components of a smartphone, including a slot for SIM-cards, USB-connector and internal circuit Board.

OnePlus caution, hiding from its customers, the stability of the smartphone to the ingestion of moisture. The lack of mentions about the IP certification allows the manufacturer to deny warranty repair for the user who the device is prolonged contact with water.

In a similar way to Apple. Despite the fact that all iPhone, starting with the seven models are protected from water, in Cupertino ignore this fact when contacting consumers for repairs. This is because to identify how long the smartphone contact with water in fact, very difficult.

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