Which Android smartphones are updated before the rest

Very soon, very many users will be able to install Android 11 on their phones. And it will not be a beta version, but a finished product that is suitable for mass use. Many are worried about when it will be and how soon their phone will receive a new operating system. Usually in history everything is cyclical and everything repeats with each new round. Let's remember which smartphones received updates last year before anyone else, and it will immediately become clear what to expect in this. Of course, it doesn't happen once at a time, and sometimes companies delay the release of updates or, on the contrary, rush to get them, but a rough picture can be drawn now.


You always want to get an Android update as early as possible.


Updating your Android smartphone

To help you understand just how agile the manufacturers are in terms of updates, we've compiled a ranking and briefly outlined how long it took each one to start rolling out Android 10 . It was released last year and so far it is the most recent release of the green robot until Android 11 came out .

It should be understood that the rating is based on averaged data, since sometimes the release of updates depends on the region or smartphone model. But the main thing is not this, but the desire of manufacturers to do their job.

Google smartphones are not included in the list, as they are the starting point and the first to receive updates. Therefore, it is not very correct to talk about them. They are the first to start working with beta .

Почему Android смартфоны перестают обновляться так рано и когда это изменится

Essential – the smartphone that doesn't exist

Earlier than all, apart from Pixel, a fresh version of Android last year received the Essential Phone and it happened on September 3. At least somewhere the unfinished brainchild of Andy Rubin could shoot. However, given that he is the creator of Android, everything is logical.

The good news is that the smartphone received an update on the very first day of sharing the operating system. The bad news is that the company is no more and it will not release new smartphones. In other words, another company will be in the first position this year.

This smartphone may not have been so bad, but it still doesn't deserve a place in history.

Redmi K20 Pro – Chinese smartphone on Android 10

Redmi, which is no longer as connected to Xiaomi as it used to be, also received an update last year on the first day of Android 10 hitting the mainstream. It is impossible to put a smartphone in the first place due to the fact that the update only affected the Chinese version, and not the international one, unlike Essential.

In other countries, the update did not appear until September 24th. Despite such a delay, it cannot be considered long, and the company has shown that it is serious about new versions of Android . Despite the fact that the company is based in a market where Google does not work.

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OnePlus – how the company views updates

The release of Android 10 for the then- fresh OnePlus versions took place 18 days after it became available. A year earlier, this indicator was 46 days, so the company has greatly added in this indicator. Nevertheless, the company did not release updates for all markets, therefore it is below Redmi, whose smartphones began to be updated on the day of release.

However, speed is not everything. Unfortunately, the initial rollout of Android 10 was problematic, and the company stopped distributing the update for a while. Because of this, the rollout of Android 11 may take longer than this year, as the company most likely won't want to repeat the same mistakes.

The OnePlus 7 and 7T prove what the company can if it wants to.

Nokia – good update support

Most of HMD Global's Nokia branded smartphones run a version of Android – Android One or Android Go – which is very close to standard. So, it's no surprise that Nokia phones are usually among the first to receive new Android updates, as we saw with the release of Android 10.

The first Nokia-branded device to receive Android 10 was the Nokia 8.1, one of many mid-range devices from HMD. The company's only flagship – Nokia 9 PureView – did not receive the latest OS version until December 5, 2019. For now, even budget 2019 Nokia smartphones have to run Android 10.

Финальная бета Android 11 уже здесь. Какая в ней пасхалка

Asus – updating an interesting smartphone

In 2019, Asus really surprised us with one of the most exciting devices of the year – the Asus Zenfone 6. It was equipped with a unique flip-up camera, which was both the main one and the front one. The company then surprised us even more by releasing Android 10 on Zenfone 6 in just two months.

A short time later, the company released Android 10 for the Asus Zenfone 5Z. Unfortunately, it took Asus a very long time to install the latest Android version on the ROG Phone 2 – this update didn't arrive until March 2020. This perfectly demonstrates that if a company can release updates quickly, it does not mean that it will do so for everyone, even expensive models.

The flip-up camera of this smartphone looks very unusual.

Xiaomi is the top for its update

Is there a more confusing company than Xiaomi? The first Xiaomi-branded device to see Android 10 was the Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone. This update was complemented by the MIUI 11 proprietary shell. However, other phones have seen MIUI 11 updates before, but MIUI 11 was built on top of Android 9 Pie . This is how complicated it is.

To further confuse the situation, even some Xiaomi Android One products , which in theory should receive Android updates the fastest, did not see the update until 2020. And that's even if we forget for a while about the Pocophone F1, which was able to enjoy the delights of Android 10 only in March 2020. Thus, even though Xiaomi has released the update as close as possible to Asus, it will still be behind due to the complexities I described above.

Xiaomi отказалась обновлять кучу классных смартфонов до Android 11

Huawei – sanctions did not prevent

2019 was not the best year for Huawei. In May, the company was sanctioned by the US government, effectively barring it from working with any US firm, including Google. This means that devices released after May 2019 do not have access to any Google services. Unless these are re-released models in a different case and with a new name.

Fortunately, the 2019 Huawei P30 and P30 Pro flagship devices were released before the ban, so they still have access to Google services. They also saw Android 10 in no time, just two months after the OS became stable. Other devices had to wait much longer for the update , as some of them received the update only this summer.

Huawei P30 Pro. I really liked this smartphone last year.

Honor – updates after Huawei

The first Honor smartphones received the Android 10 update on November 16, 2019, 74 days after the release. These were the Honor 20, Honor 20 Pro and Honor View 20 models. Since Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei, it should come as no surprise that the two are so close to each other on this list.

However, Honor is also affected by Huawei's problems with the US government and smartphones from this brand are also under pressure. Apparently, this year users will have to wait for both companies to release updates. Although, Huawei assured that the work is in full swing and it will not be long to wait.

Как Huawei будет обновлять Android на своих смартфонах в обход Google

Samsung – it takes a long time to wait for an update

In years past, Samsung has done a very poor job of releasing Android updates on time. This has become a big problem for fans of the brand, since the company's flagship phones are quite expensive and you are one of the first to wait for the update, but you do not get them. Recently, however, the company has become much better in this regard. And she will now release three versions of Android at once for her new products.

In terms of numbers, it took the company 86 days to release Android 10, and almost twice as long on Android 9 a year earlier. True, this applies to models of the Galaxy S10 family . The owners of the other models had to wait.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 was attractive for its size, but repelled by some other things.

When is my Android smartphone updated?

Above are examples of major smartphone manufacturers that are popular in our country. There are others, but their updates are released longer, and the range of output by model is higher.

For example, LG last year released an update 90 days after the release and only did so in South Korea . Later updates became more massive, but it took time. Updates from Sony also lagged a lot, and Realme started releasing Android 10 for its smartphones only at the end of January 2020.

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Most other manufacturers released updates in January-March 2020. That is, six months after the release of Android 10. Let's hope that this year they will work better and will release updates earlier so that we get a normal version of the OS a maximum of a couple of months after the release, which will not be long to wait.

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