Which app Google has already adapted the new Material Design. Full list

At the conference for developers Google I/O staff presented new standards of design. Material Theming has become an important improvement of Material Design, which was relevant for the last four years. The company gradually updates the application. Below is a list of programs that already meet the new vision.

Applications and resources a lot — information is confirmed by staff 9to5google. To the title of each program in the attached link in Google Play.


• Google News;
• Google Tasks;
• Google I/O 2018;
• Google Play Games;
• Google Pay;
• Google Home;
• Wear OS by Google;
• Google Assistant (partial);
• Google (in part);
• Google Maps (partially).

Web services and applications:

• Gmail;
• Google Pay;
• Google Drive;
• Google News;
• Google Express.


• Wear OS by Google;
• Google Developers.

The new design should appear in all the services, applications and devices, Google. In the future, the list will grow.

Innovation company discussed in the official telegram channel AndroidInsider.

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