Which cable to choose to charge a smartphone?

When you buy a smartphone, complete with him in 99% of cases is the cable. After that in the course of operation sometimes it is necessary to replace it. Does anybody need a second cable is ”on the job”, someone has lost your cable, someone broke or tore it. The reasons is many cables on the market even more. Without naming specific brands, decide which cable to choose to not regret it.

Beautiful purple cable from Huawei P30 Pro

Many people think that cable is such bullshit, which can be any. That is, you can buy something for 20 rubles, and it should work well. There are not just buyers of such cables, and those who believe the ”suckers” those who buy cables for a few hundred rubles. Who is right?

How to choose power supply for your smartphone?

In our Telegram chat often raises the question ”which cable to buy to charge the smartphone.” First and foremost, it should be understood that the cable for the smartphone is a very important thing and it needs to be good, but don’t forget about the power supply. The best option is complete the charger. Yes, it is expensive, but definitely better than nothing to invent. You can buy counterparts, but certainly not the transition for $ 100. They are made so that you can apply any tension on the delicate components of your smartphone and burn anything.

Even if the problem come out immediately, over time it can result in continuous heating of the smartphone and quick battery discharge. Many people think that the problem in such situations is connected with the battery, change it, but it’s not getting better. The smartphone doesn’t work better, and the user thinks that was in bad service where he was deceived, but the problem is deeper. If you are using an expensive smartphone, which is a pity to spoil, or buy original power supplies, or at least counterparts from famous manufacturers. Don’t forget smart phones too, all in one person. What is 5000 roubles, for 100,000 roubles, all the same, only they work differently. And with a charger. Dear in the end will be cheaper and Vice versa.

How to choose cable for smartphone

With cables, the situation is slightly simpler, and burn their smartphone more difficult. Of course, if it is assembled well and the contacts short-circuit. Braid should also be OK. In this case, you will not electrocute you, again, will avoid circuit when charging.

I’m not going to say that cables are of three types and other ”blah-blah”. I can only say that if you choose cable for iPhone, be sure to choose the option marked MFi or Made For iPhone. These cables are Apple-certified and have a special chip. Many people think that it is necessary to ensure that the company was making money. Partly Yes, but it still performs the function of the controller, allowing you to charge your smartphone better.

Versions of the logos system MFi certification

Logo marking can be found on the Apple website. We need this in order to not fall for schemers who write ”Made For iOS” and so on.

Almost a standard set of accessories for a modern smartphone

If we talk about the MicroUSB cables and USB Type-C, there are easier and harder at the same time. It is necessary to pay attention to the strength of the current, which is capable of transmitting the cable. If the power adapter outputs 2A or more and the cable is designed only for 1A, but your phone will charge very slowly. I personally encountered such. Check the specifications of your cable on the website or label on the package. Just keep in mind that the cheap cables you can cheat. The manufacturer all the same what to write — just bought. Name he does not value and it is easier to save on cross section and material of the cable than to lose profits.

First, you need to bring: As smartphones enter the territory of Russia?

When you select should pay attention to the shape of the cable. They are round, flat and twisted. The first option usually is more durable and serve long. The advantages of flat cable can be attributed less prone to tangling. Is a plus, but it is less durable. The third option is suitable mainly for motorists. It looks like the wire from a wired telephone and can stretch.

Besides, you should pay attention to the material oplati. It can be of rubber, fabric and metal. The latter option is more extreme, and in ordinary life, these cables just do not need (they are more heavy and bulky). The first two differ mainly tactile. It is necessary to choose a good choice. I like cloth more, but the obvious advantages they have. And tissue, rubber and wire, if they are made well, will last a long time. Importantly, the articulation of the cable and the plug was reliable.

Included cable from ASUS ROG Phone in a fabric braid

Which cable to buy for smartphone

As mentioned above, buying is only the original cables and power supplies. If you don’t want to spend 1500-4000 rubles for the original, it is possible to use analogues, but they need to choose wisely.

It is best to choose the option that was your friends or acquaintances who at least can see and touch. Cables of famous brands you can buy without ”trying”, but often they are not cheaper than the originals. The main thing is not to buy cables for 20-40 rubles with Ali. They just will not bring you anything good. If you’re lucky, the cable simply will not work. If it will work, chances are you will mess up your smartphone. The notorious ”protection against the fool”, of course, that’s just not all the mistakes she’s capable to forgive. Take care of your smartphone!

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