Which cryptocurrency is the most popular version of U.S. residents

Reasons to love cryptocurrency a lot. In addition to a significant growth rate in the past year, also have relative freedom from state control and low Commission for the transfer. American journalists interviewed representatives of different generations and found their preferences in coins.

What a cryptocurrency is better. Version of Americans

Thousands of US residents interviewed representatives LendEDU, according to Forbes. One of the questions respondents were asked what they would put 10 thousand dollars.

The results differed significantly depending on age. Cryptocurrency chose 9.19 percent of Millennials (18 to 34 years), 4.04 percent of generation X (35 to 54 years) and 3.08% of respondents aged 55 years.

Then the Millennials were asked to choose the coin in which they have invested. 76 percent voted in favor of Bitcoin. For 12 percent went to Ethereum and Lidoine. RIPL has not received a single vote.

The average for all age groups is the following: 66.67 percentage of Bitcoin, 15.69 percent from Ethereum, 9.8 percent from Litecoin and 1.96 percent and ripple. Other coins gave their votes to 5.88 percent of respondents.

The most popular alternative investment was the real estate. It was chosen by 13.5 percent of the thousands. It turns out, the cryptocurrency has room to grow, even in America, so the margin for development is still there.

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