Which phone to buy, to make it easier to sell

Many users buying a smartphone, look not only at how his RAM or points in Antutu, but how much it will cost in 2-3 years, when the time comes to sell it and buy a new one. With this approach, you can save even not a few thousand and a few tens of thousands of rubles. However, such figures are the exception rather than the rule. Frankly, I didn’t pay much attention to such changes in the cost, but I have been thinking and comparing the facts, came to certain conclusions. Some of them are too obvious, and some will save our readers time and money.

Used smartphones are always in demand. That’s just a lot to pay for them is not ready.

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Study the cost of smartphones

In parallel with my discussion on the topic of the value and relevance of used smartphones I found one study that was conducted by a website dealing with comparing the cost of smartphones in USA. In the beginning I will give her the data, and then your observations and explanation for what is happening. However, looking ahead, I will say that the percentage cost on the secondary market (relatively new phone) is about the same in both countries.

How many phones lose value in a year or two

The study, which was performed by the comparison website the cost of smartphones SellCell, studied the cost of different devices Android is in new condition. He also compared the results with the iPhone, to determine which phones are best hold their value when re-selling.

Get ready: the Android flagships will cost even more

Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of those devices that are worth paying attention to. Version of this device with memory 128 GB will cost in US dollars 371. Initially, it costs $ 899 and lost $ 528 since the release in March 2019. This means that it has fallen in price on 58,73%.

Cool smartphone, but once vzhuh and half the price.

Another interesting device — the Google Pixel 4, which is 341 dollar in good condition, and at the time its price was 799 dollars. This means that from September 2019 it has depreciated by $ 458 or by 57.3%. On the one hand, a figure similar to the figure for Samsung, but the pixel is a few months younger.

What are the cheaper slower phones — iPhone or Android?

We can not say about the cost of the iPhone, which also participated in the study. For example, have iPhone model Xs, which was released in September of 2018 and the start of sales cost 999 dollars, and now down in the secondary market of up to 471 USD. The difference amounted to 582 dollars or 52,85%.

Samsung Galaxy Fold for 900$? Thank you

At this point I thought something bothers me in such statistics and possibly a smartphone as a used car immediately loses about 15-20 percent of the cost, it is necessary only to carry him from the store, and then its price decreases is not so active. I thought that this may explain such a small difference in price though between these devices almost a year difference in release time.

Dispelled my doubts more stats on models, which are also described in the study. Here it is:

  • iPhone XS Max (64 GB) — cost in 2018 1099 dollars, fell by 56.8% and was worth $ 475
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+ (64 GB) — cost in 2018 840 dollars, fell by 75.6% and was worth $ 205
  • Google Pixel 3 XL (64 GB) cost 2018 $ 899, fell to 79.1% and was cost 188 dollars
  • Sony XZ2 Premium (64 GB) — cost in 2018 $ 999, fell by 87.2% and was worth USD 127.6
  • G7 LG ThinQ (64 GB) — cost in 2018 749 dollars, fell by 89.7% and was worth $ 77.

As you can see, the difference is big and even huge. Some smartphones in 2018 fell two times and the other ten(!). The picture is similar we have, if you look at the price you’re asking on Craigslist and other similar services. There is a slight easing, but the trend is very clear. For example, if you take the model 2018, the iPhone loses approximately 45-50% of the cost, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi of approximately 60-70%, and LG and Sony up to 80-90 %.

The smartphones of this manufacturer, in terms of resale, just a failure.

Why some phones are getting cheaper faster than others

If you think about it, what phones from the point of view of logic needs to lose value most, we can come to one fact. This applies not only to communications, but also other goods in the bundle.

Most in the price or lose what nobody wants, or something in bulk, and there’s no avoiding it (like printers and televisions, which in 2014 bought, ”in order not to lose money”)

Good phones have always been in price and they will have their admirers. While iPhone itself is not so ages, as Android phones, and about it I already wrote, citing examples of its update cycles.

This phone in a couple of years will sell much easier than any current now Samsung or LG.

Android smartphones have, in principle, faster cheaper, but among them there is popular device and there is not very much. That’s why Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi lose in the price less than others, but still lose. This is largely due to the pricing policy of manufacturers, which begin in a few months to reduce the price. Apple currently does not allow. There are cases of lower prices, but only when the dealers buy the phones there, where is cheaper, than in Russia, and eventually just start to reduce their profits. Apple itself does not reduce the price.

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In the end we can say that if you need a smartphone that is less likely to lose in the price, and you don’t care what operating system it will, then your choice will definitely be the iPhone. If you only have Android, it is better to look at models of top brands like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and perhaps OPPO. These devices lose in the price less than others.

Don’t want to add fuel to the fire at the end of the article, but from the above we can draw one conclusion — the iPhone is not so expensive. Yeah, he’s at the entrance is more expensive than some (but not all) other smartphones, but sell it to get more expensive. You can even notice that if every couple of years to upgrade to the new iPhone, it will turn out cheaper than to upgrade the flagships on Android. That’s the math.

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