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On certain days of sale smart phones are growing significantly. One of those days was recently. And it was another confirmation of the incredible success of the company Huawei, the second largest supply of smartphone and, especially, its sub-brand Honor. Moreover, Honor managed to surpass even Apple in terms, which is always most evident leadership postavlya iPhone. Honor is becoming more popular among consumers smartphone brand and in a Network there was a new message, showing the growing importance of Honor in the market the most important for the modern user devices.

November 11 in China is singles Day. And Honor sub-brand of Huawei has shown the best among the vendors of smartphones results in this special sales day. Honor has become a leader in the supply of smartphones and JD.com and Tmall.com being the leading retailers in China, said Jordan (Yordan), considering important to Honor the success on the resource page gsmarena.com.

Honor in singles Day in China surpassed Apple’s revenue from smartphones


Another significant achievement Honor in singles Day was the fact that the brand has surpassed Apple not only in sales but also in terms of revenue. Honor, as is widely known, is a brand that is traditionally well represented in online sales.

In addition, Honor was in the lead and the volume of deliveries and in terms of revenue among the Android phones in the period between 1 and 11 November.

In addition, the recently introduced well-known brand Honor Magic 2 became the most well sold mobile device on both major indexes — volumes and revenue, the two leading Chinese retailers in the category of devices offered at the price from 580 to 720 dollars. Thus, Honor was able to once again show the popularity of the proposed brand of smartphones, which are most pronounced in singles Day.

To discuss the device from the second leader of the smartphone market, Huawei and its Honor sub-brand readers in the Telegram chat.

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