Which strap to choose for the Apple Watch? A little personal experience.

More than sure that everyone who bought the Apple Watch, after a while began to think that it is time to buy a new strap. And no wonder if in hours have the opportunity. At this point begins the problem of choice. The original straps are expensive, aftermarket are not credible in quality, and starts the endless cycle of decisions in favor of either option. How to overcome doubts and to choose the right strap?

Good strap for the Apple Watch pleases the eye no less, the hour of the watch.

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How to choose a strap for the Apple Watch

If you bought the aluminum Apple Watch, you should take into account that the strap that comes in the kit, enough for almost the entire period of operation. Of course, except for those occasions when watches are exposed to extreme conditions. I use the Apple Watch, starting with the very first generation that I bought a couple of months after the start of sales. Those first few hours I sold just after the release of the fourth generation. All this time black silicone strap served me faithfully but, now he’s a little tired and wanted diversity. Then I had a ball this choice.

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Started, of course, with the fact that I ordered on AliExpress a couple of silicone straps approximately 250-300 rubles. The ten straps for the price of one original was too tempting and I decided to try it. I even ordered one from the collection of Nike+, which was introduced just shortly before.

In the copy of the Nike+ I was disappointed almost immediately. First, procrasti holes were uneven. Now I use the original version and realize how it really looks better. In this case, procrasti was not uneven in one part of the strap. One half was dyed well, and the second paint have ended too deeply and outwardly, this part seemed more faded.

Original Nike+ can be seen immediately.

After that I started to use the normal color options. First business with them was better, but they are quickly covered with some coating. Whether it was skativshiesya dust, or the substance from which were made the strap. In General, it looked awful, and take it they did not want. The same situation was with a touch and Nike+, just because of the dark color the plaque on it was even more noticeable. Sometimes I put on the straps, but not for long. I just didn’t like it.

The original strap is more expensive but looks very good.

Leather strap for the Apple Watch

Realizing that buy a strap in the shop are always on time, I decided to continue the experiment and ordered the leather option, which is now almost never found. I used it for about a month and all was well. The claim was only to the weak magnet. He could not do this, but sometimes it seemed too weak and wanted more.

This strap looks nice, but it also has its disadvantages.

The last experiment of that time was carried out with a metal bracelet. It was not a copy of the original, but it looked good. Gave it to me and I enjoyed using it for a couple of years, sometimes changing the original silicone or some other third-party options. If I knew where he was, then continued to use it, as it is very well preserved. My bracelet was the production of HOCO, but they do and without any brand. From what I’ve seen from friends and acquaintances, they are also worn very well.

This is where my experiments ended as long as the sale is not entered nylon wristband with Velcro.

Nylon strap for the Apple Watch

As soon as the shown nylon strap, I immediately got the idea of buying it. Moreover, he was in the cheapest category straps from Apple and you could buy it without worries about what he will not like. On AliExpress almost immediately appeared counterparts, but the experiment does not like. I suggested that they quickly Salomatina from Velcro and will be poorly kept. If you use such analogues nylon straps, write how they behave in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

The first claim to a new type straps, which I tried a lot, I was that bad they were bent and in the place where they passed around fastening hours, they are very much stuck. I tried to press them between two heavy objects, but it didn’t change anything. After some time, they were hurting themselves and looked much more elegant.

Soft and comfortable nylon strap.

The main advantage of these straps for me personally was that they were soft in the place where the hand rests on the table or on the surface of the laptop case. I really did not like grinding metal items on the body during work and I almost always filmed hours before you start to print a lot. This applies even to the silicone straps. The pin that fixes them, if my position on the hand just falls on the surface of the body.

The Milanese loop Apple Watch

I never cared to buy a Milanese loop, but when a colleague bought on AliExpress a copy for 230 rubles, I was very interested to return to the experiments.

And this bracelet can pinch your arm hair if they got into the castle.

When the bracelet came, I immediately put it on and even happy. I thought he was quality and not cause problems from the standpoint of appearance and operation. I ceased to use it only after I bought a watch of a different color. A colleague took this bracelet longer and started to complain that it peels off the paint in the place where the lock magnets to the bracelet. Beneath the black paint began to appear a silver basis. On my silver bracelet is most likely it would be unnoticed, but to check I don’t have time.

My first Apple Watch were watch with white sport band. In General, claims it was not, except that in the summer in silicone lanyard hand was sweating, but after a couple months the strap has turned black, although I worked in the mines, but just at the computer. Since then I have tried a few aftermarket straps (they live not very long), then took that model with Nike+ and have been “perforated” strap, in my opinion the best option. Now I decided to try a “Milanese loop” — first band tried to pull me a few arm hairs, but now ‘ blend, and I find it convenient because they can be closed as it is convenient. — Alexander Bogdanov, editor AppleInsider.ru

Another claim was that unlike the original, which I also subsequently used, the magnet was collected for the whole bracelet. That is, should have put the watch and bracelet shrink as unopened ring at the opening of the Olympic games in Sochi. The original had this problem and had it every time to demagnetize.

Aftermarket straps for Apple Watch

In the end, all my experiments with different types of bracelets and straps, as well as discussing this issue with colleagues, friends and acquaintances led me to the decision that I made about what straps to use. So we come to the answer to the main question, which was posed at the beginning of this article.

How not cool, and Apple Watch, probably the most beautiful watches. Especially the black color.

I decided that if you don’t have a burning desire to get block bracelet or Hermes, I would recommend to use original or silicone and nylon, or buying third-party options without Zakusov under the original. There are also plenty to choose from, and some options look very nice. The main thing that they were not too cheap. This is the risk that the strap will hang out and maybe even quietly folding.

Straps for the Apple Watch lot, choose any. I enjoyed all this pictures and I liked the Nike+.

What exactly should not do is to buy cheap substitutes silicone wristbands, as they will last very long before you lose their appearance. Even if outwardly, they look normal, you yourself will be uncomfortable to wear on the hand, something sticky and matted. If you do not believe, can try. 200-300 rubles, the money is small, just be prepared for disappointment and do not order several.

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