Whirlpool used the”Google and Amazon” to make their products smarter

Held the company “whirlpool” Whirlpool American partnership with my company Google Google Amazon Amazon, for use by the intelligent assistant for each of them in strengthening the capacity of smart products cutting-edge technology.

And the “whirlpool” Whirlpool today a selection of its organs, supported by the “Google assistant” Google Assistant,”Amazon risk” Amazon Alexa, and allows family members the possibility to control their home from anywhere in the home thanks to the characteristic voice commands are simplified, and therefore whether the parents in another room to help their child in solving his homework or busy in preparation of dinner, it is possible to day briefing of their loved ones due diligence and in a manner better and faster and smarter.

The company “whirlpool” Whirlpool is an American multinational corporation, founded in 1911, focuses its activity on the production of household appliances, and under its more than brand you through the production of refrigerators, robots, washing dishes and clothes, microwave ovens and clothes dryers.

Recall that the “whirlpool” Whirlpool is developed frozen ice cream dried, in 1968, under the cooperation with the US Space Agency “NASA” NASA for use in the Apollo missions Apollo which aimed to land on the moon.

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