Who dropped the market? Trustee Of The Mt.Gox sold crypts and a $ 230 million

From March to June, the Trustee, the once largest Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox, Nobuaki Kobayashi brought 25,98 billion yen (230 million dollars) in bitcoins and the Bitcoin Cash, and then sold the coins. Still the businessman preferred not to reveal this fact, writes Bitcoin.com.

Japanese exchange Mt.Gox — the largest in the time marketplace, which had been broken in 2015. Hackers stole 850 thousand bitcoins, which at that time was worth 473 million dollars. Today for them would have given almost 5.5 billion. After the attack on the old wallet of the founder of the platform mark Karpeles there were 200 thousand BTC, which at the moment have enough to cover the debt exchange.

As Mt.Gox affect the price of Bitcoin

Kobayashi started to sell the coins after the exchange’s management met with creditors on 7 March. However, the bulk of bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash was sold in the second quarter of 2018 from April to June, the report said Mt.Gox.

On the website of the exchange also notes that Kobayashi decided to sell the coins after consultation with lawyers and analysts. In this way the sale of coins (on the exchanges or outside of them) and the exact date not disclosed.

He is a Trustee stated that they have received an amount necessary to protect the interests of investors in the procedure of civil rehabilitation of the exchange. Kobayashi promised along with the Japanese Bank Sumitomo Mitsui to create the trust that will provide payments to all creditors.

The current situation plays into the hands of the leadership of Mt.Gox in March, Kobayashi denied the allegations that he was selling bitcoins. “I sold BTC and BCH with the help of cryptocurrency exchanges at market prices at the time of sale, starting from December 2017 to February 2018. After consultation with experts I’ve sold coins through the exchanger BTC/BCH. I used a special method to eliminate the influence on the market at the maximum level of transaction security possible. Method of sale the cryptocurrency was approved by the court,” he said then.

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