Who is faster: Galaxy Note 10+ or iPhone Max XS

At the beginning of August, Samsung held the Galaxy Unpacked event in new York, which introduced a line of Galaxy Note 10. Smartphones were not a revelation, but only because all of the specifications and the external appearance of the device leaked to the Network before the presentation. Many people wonder whether it is worth to consider to buy Galaxy Note 10? Definitely Yes — after all, the flagship phone from Samsung is now not only the technological, but also the fastest smartphone in the world. Convinced of this and host of the YouTube channel PhoneBuff, comparing the new with the former favorite — iPhone XS Max.

What smartphone will be faster?

Before you start testing, review the specifications.

Performance smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

  • Processor Exynos 9825 c frequency 2.96 GHz, 12 GB RAM, high-speed memory type UFS 3.0.

iPhone XS Max

  • The processor Apple A12 Bionic c 2.5 GHz, 4 GB RAM, storage such as NVMe.

On paper obviously the advantage of the Galaxy Note 10+. But how things are in real use scenarios?

Comparison speed

For reasons of clarity and maximum objectivity in the tests, the author of the comparison used a special robotic hand, which were performed all operations with smartphones. The test methodology is quite simple:

  • Of RAM smartphones were unloaded all running background processes
  • Then, the tested devices were run on queue most popular applications. The time of passage of each “circle” was recorded by the timer.
  • Further tests were run on multitasking, how well smartphones retain open programs. The results of this test were also taken into account by the timer.

Running applications is an obvious leader here Galaxy Note 10+. The flagship of Samsung was the first “round” for 1 minute and 55 seconds. iPhone XS Max coped with this task in 2 minutes and 9 seconds — not a bad result.

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But in the test of multitasking, the Galaxy Note 10+ not left any chance iPhone XS Max. The flagship Samsung successfully kept in the memory of all running processes, while the Apple smartphone has unloaded the bulk of applications. The final result of the second run: Galaxy Note 10+ — 33 seconds iPhone XS Max came to the finish in 50 seconds. Still 12 GB of memory make themselves felt.

Needless to say that the victory in these trials should be awarded the Galaxy Note 10+. The Apple smartphone was released almost a year ago and now can’t compete with the best Android representatives. However, soon released iPhone 11, and the balance of power can be quite different.

Why you should buy Galaxy Note 10+

Of course, speed is not the only advantage of the flagship phone from Samsung. Repeated tests showed that the Galaxy Note 10+ shows himself perfectly in the tests of the fall. Hard to say, the merit of whether it is tempered glass Gorilla Glass 6, but the fact remains — the Galaxy Note 10+ this is one of the most solid smartphones among the current flagships — it are not terrible neither water, nor dust, nor even falling from a great height. In short, perfect for purchase.

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