Who is smarter — cats or dogs?

Between dog lovers and cats, the debate continues about who was the smarter four-legged Pets. How can you determine the level of intellectual abilities of our Pets? Do you need to rely in this question on your own opinion or is it better to turn to science? Lately been many studies aimed at addressing this issue. But the final point here is still to be discussed.

Dogs smarter than cats?

One of the arguments in favor of the opinion that dogs are smarter than cats is the ability of training the animal. Like humans, dogs use different areas of the brain for treatment of various characteristics of human speech. The left brain handles the dogs the meaning of words, and the right is used for the analysis of intonation with which they are accessed. Scientists have found out that dogs are unable to recognize new words, clearly linking them to a particular action or object.

At the same time a similar ability show and cats. As shown by the work of Japanese scientists, mustachioed humming are also able to remember the voice, words and even the intonation of their masters. Results Japanese colleagues recently confirmed by American scientists.

Studies also show that cats can remember what happens to them, and, if necessary, to remember the necessary information. For example, in the experiment, the scientists tried to establish whether cats 15 minutes later to recall food from a bowl they have eaten, and what remained full. It turned outthat cats really are able to turn to short-term memory to figure out what and where.

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How to determine the level of intelligence?

These examples definitely demonstrate the high intellectual capabilities of each species. But whether these opportunities with the size of the brain of animals? Previously , scientists did try to lay this parallel. However, recent studies refute this assumption.

Having studied the brain of several animals, including dogs and cats, the researchers came to the conclusion that the level of intelligence of animals does not depend on the size of the “gray matter”. A more interesting indicator is the amount contained in the cerebral cortex cortical neurons – special cells that process, store and transmit information through electrical and chemical signals.

According to researchers, the total number of neurons in the brain of an animal, especially in the cortex, determines the richness of his intellectual abilities and the ability to predict events based on past experience. Scientists have found that the cerebral cortex contains 530 million dogs and cats have two times less – $ 250 million.

Can this lead to the conclusion that dogs are smarter than cats? The researchers say that dogs are biologically adapted to more complex mental processes than cats. But at the same time explain that this does not mean that cats are stupid.

The complexity of the objective assessment of the intelligence of these species is that cats and dogs are too different and behave differently. Every kind into something better and something worse.

Than cats differ from dogs?

For example, cats have very well developed sensorimotor intelligence of a predator. They are on this indicator is much superior to dogs. The astounding ability of cats to “play with gravity” is not limited to the ability to balance, jump and land on four paws. Even domestic cats are constantly training (games, running and your feet), indicating a preserved hunting skills. Cats can hunt prey that is larger and more dangerous than them in some time. This, for example, recently seen in Australia, where cats have become a real epidemic.

Unlike dogs, cats are very careful and cautious. Being in unfamiliar surroundings, the first thing they all took a good look and sniff. And then, making sure there is no danger, will find a warm and welcoming place. The cat will never run up to an unknown object or person. In dogs this behavior is absent, which can sometimes cost them their lives, and certainly not talking about a high mental abilities.

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In turn, the dogs survived the so-called collective intelligence. They are social animals. In the wild wolves, which is considered the dog’s ancestors, always hunt in packs where each has a role to play. Domesticated dogs adapt easily among people and very active in communicating with the person. For this reason, it is believed that dogs understand people much better than cats. Cats are introverts. They are accustomed to a solitary life.

At the same time, cat — excellent manipulators. Where the dog seeks the approval of his master, the cat does not ask – she demands. And ready to go for any trick to get what you want. Even at 2 in the morning.

Cats are very selectively perceive the information. They only pay attention to those things that seem to them interesting, but show indifference to everything that does not interest them. Dogs are more curious.

Does all of the above, that some of these species smarter? No. It only says that they are very different and everyone is smart in their own way. And is it important at all to know “who is smarter”, if it is not just about a favorite pet, and a full-fledged family member?

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