Who is the most influential in the industry of cryptocurrency?

Research platform LunarCRUSH launched a new tool for the assessment of the most influential personalities and news publications kryptonyte on Twitter. Analysts argue that their machine learning algorithms, each day exploring more than hundreds of thousands of social media posts. Search celebrities in the crypt is one of the latest features LunarCRUSH.

Who believe most?

In the first place by influence on the industry has been a co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital and author of the popular podcast Off The Chain Anthony Pompliano. He has almost 300 thousand followers on Twitter. The main theme of posts — Bitcoin and Ethereum therest of Aldona Pompliano almost not paying attention.

By the way, cryptocurrency coterie of Pompliano jokingly referred to as man who may submit any strange event as a plus for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency niche. Sometimes his tweets do suggest such thoughts. For example, this.

Second place went to one of the most popular news sources on the crypt called Cointelegraph. The account has nearly half a million subscribers, this resource publishes notes on various popular coins. Of course, the lion’s share of posts still paid Bitcoin.

The first pair looks more or less logical, but at the moment the third place ranking is an early investor VeChain with the nickname RoNo Ⓥ ($OCE $VET man). You know that? Few can answer in the affirmative, because he has a little more than two thousand subscribers. Selection algorithms LunarCRUSH very strange, no other way to explain how some random account was more influential than the Creator Tron Justin San.

The ranking of the most influential players in the cryptocurrency industry. Source: LunarCRUSH

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Sana got fourth place with its two million subscribers. Recall that in the time Justin has done a lot of noise in the industry and even won the right to a joint meal with the world famous investor Warren Buffett. However, the San and Buffett never talked about the crypt at the same table.

Acne Buterin. Source: 2Биткоина

Acne Buterin? Andreas Antonopoulos? Chanpen Zhao? The first is not even in the ranking, the other two were not even in the top 50. Buterin developed the Ethereum, Antonopoulos made a huge contribution to the development of Bitcoin and have inspired many people from different countries of the world, and Zhao founded the most popular crypto currency exchange, and did so in the shortest possible time. Aren't these merits enough to be considered the most powerful people in the industry? To us this position seems strange.

Chanpen Zhao. Source: 2Биткоина

LunarCRUSH should still work on its algorithms, so as long as the situation is with a rating of poor. We will remind, before to follow the recommendations of even the most respected people in cryptocommunist, be sure to conduct your own research. After losing money in a niche of the cryptocurrency happen, but to blame them nobody. So it is better to take responsibility for themselves. And complete.

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