Who will succeed jony Ive

Last week it became knownthat Apple will leave one of her most famous sculptures – the chief designer jony Ive. It is obvious that many are interested in who will be the official successor to the Quince. The company still keeps silent, however, according to analysts, a suitable candidate is already there. Jeff Williams – chief operating officer of Apple.

Replace Jony Ive

Jeff Williams was appointed operating officer of the company in 2015. A couple of years before that, Jeff was actively involved in the development of the original Apple Watch. As noted employees who worked with him at the time for Williams, as for Quince, was an important philosophy of the product, not just its appearance.

Jeff Williams

It was under the leadership of Jeff, the smart watch changed their direction with the “fashion accessory” to a useful gadget with the ability to track health indicators.

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Involvement in the development process

Also Jeff at the time was directly involved in the development of the cult of the iPhone 4. Even then, Williams worked with YWAM, briefings demonstrating their engineering skills.

Jeff even some time I went with the iPhone 4 prototype to evaluate which materials are ideal for this mobile — both in terms of engineering issues (heat sink), and in terms of tactile impressions of the device.

Every year, the role of Williams in the Affairs of the company becomes more apparent. As the newspaper notes the WSJ, Jeff pays great attention to the design and philosophy products. Much more than CEO Tim cook, which, according to experts, the most important financial indicators.

It is likely that this is why Williams was chosen as the company’s management on the role of acting jony Ive, along with Evans Hankey (Vice President of Apple’s industrial design) and Alan Dai (Vice-President in interface design). But it is not excluded that in the near future Jeff will take a vacant place of the chief designer of Apple.

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