Why 16-inch MacBook Pro will be released today

Tuesday, 12 November 2019, in new York, Apple has gathered reporters to make a very important statement. In secret around the world, demanding to remain silent-just another day (and nobody found out, of course). The myth about the 16-inch MacBook Pro, for nearly a year inspires hope in those who care about Apple, going through the last hours of his short life. Yes, today he is likely to go on sale. And already aware of some details not only about the mysterious legendary notebook.

The most mysterious MacBook here-here will see the light

Do you know when Apple ends the fall? This is an important question, as the new Mac Pro, which was promised in autumn, despite all the machinations of detractors and innuendo pedants (which will be), thanks to the great discovery of Apple in the field of chronology will be released in the autumn and in December. And besides, the most effective way to convey some information to the widest possible range of potential buyers turned out to be incredibly simple. The legend of 16-inch laptop – a vivid example of this.

That’s the main thing that is interesting – but irrelevant to the topic. Autumn ends on December 21. The new Mac Pro will be released this fall, in December. The number 21? It is still a mystery. With the exception of private briefings in different parts of the world, no public events this year, Apple is not planning. And 16-inch MacBook Pro, which has shown a narrow circle of proven fighters information front, go from the world of dreams into reality secret to announce it in a press release, in addition he’s just appeared in the Apple store, and anyone who wants to know more about it than the rest, no problem to buy it and try. Even if you don’t mind the money, open it up and see what’s inside. In addition, the prohibition on disclosure of information “narrow circle” of witnesses 16-inch MacBook Pro will be removed in the morning or afternoon (Pacific time, we will already be dark) today, 13 November 2019.

Strictly keeping the secret, the representatives of a narrow circle immediately wrote about it to your friends, employers (who paid for their trip to new York), friends and colleagues who are not invited back. Most likely, you are reading this after the secret ceased to be secret and can compare the expected with the way things really are.

What’s new in 16-inch MacBook Pro

Design professional laptops from Apple will change. Not beyond recognition. From that day when Phil Schiller presented to the public a Touch Bar (this was three years ago, what seems like an eternity) for the first time. The size of its screen diagonal of about 16 inches (40.6 cm). The screen will be brighter, the CPU and GPU, most likely, will remain the same. They are still relevant, the best, and with them no one had any problems. They are all arranged. Since changing the design, there is hope for changes in the set of connectors, or at least in their number. But if the connectors will all remain as before (the main to the analog headphone Jack will not go away), nothing to worry about. Used.

The design and number of ports will not change much

The ability to upgrade the new MacBook Pro will not. But there is good news: so how to make it less capable of this already, perhaps, impossible – does not become worse. Apple kind of religion, apparently. It’s easier, computers the result is a more graceful, slim and light. If the laptop is reliable, does not suffer from design defects and just works, year after year, this failure has nothing to worry about. My MacBook Pro 2012 birth for the past 7 years remains the same as I bought it, although it can be upgraded.

Read yet, are waiting for that main novelties of the year our editor in chief.

According to the hints of those who already knows exactly what and how has changed in the new MacBook Pro will be “more reliable keyboard.” In the first half of 2019, about the next version of the keyboard type “butterfly” reported the same and about the same words. Hope that this time their meaning changed to the opposite, and problems with the “butterfly” will no longer an obstacle to wanting to upgrade your Mac. Sooner or later it was bound to happen.

Touch Bar can change. Will he be referred to as Touch Bar 2 – I don’t know, but judging by what is known about him is, that would be justified. Button Touch ID is now a real button separate from the Touch Bar slim aluminum isthmus. Did the same Escape button? After a few hours I’ll know about it. However, even if not, it is necessary to them to leave a couple of small flaws for next time. Although I would prefer that this problem has been fixed.

Touch Bar will change too. But will he like this?

And – the price. The audience admitted the Apple of his willingness to accept the increase in the price of the base model MacBook Pro up to $ 3,000, excluding taxes and fees, but Apple did not go on about the public. And rightly so. To speak and write in articles is one thing. Here they are all ready to pay whatever they say. The reality is different. When a decision is made to buy a new laptop, agreed that good computers can not be expensive, suddenly remembers all sorts of other things that also need to buy. Too high price may prevent acceptance of the correct decisions. And your decision will impact? Share in our Telegram chat or complete the survey below. 2 $ 399 — as is the basic version of the new model, ID MacBookPro16,1. It is still a secret, and maybe not true, but almost everyone who was at the press conference for the narrow and very trusted circles call this number.

What else Apple will introduce 13 Nov

In addition to determining the exact date of the end of autumn, the presentation, 16-inch MacBook Pro and promises, do not forget to release this fall new Mac Pro, I’m sure this press conference was addressed and some other issues. Or, at least, asked. For example, whether the company is going to release a 32-inch display 6K? Whether AirTag announced this fall or, at least, before the end of this calendar year? If you already know the answers to all these questions, envy me. I don’t know yet, I’m still looking forward to these answers – and it is amazing!

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