Why 2018 was the best year in the history of smartphone cameras? 5 compelling reasons

The end of December is the best time to summarize the year. 2018 technology buffs turned out to be cool. We saw the built-in display, fingerprint scanners, plenty of RAM and bold design solutions. However, more prominently added the camera. Remember the main factors that make such a statement.

Era triple cameras

A year or two ago in the arena periodically out smartphones with dual camera. 2018 changed the situation, and to be precise — is made by Huawei. The flagship P20 Pro surprised by a combination of three lenses: on 40, 20 and 8 megapixels. Thanks to their features, the smartphone gives cool results.

Then there was a series of Mate 20 the trend is also being picked up by LG ThinQ V40 2018 and Galaxy A7 from Samsung. By the way, the last company went ahead and unveiled the Galaxy A9 2019 with four cameras. The quality of the pictures actually gets better, reports Android Authority.

Progress night shooting

Line of flagship of Huawei was also surprised by the mode of night shooting. The system combines stacking several images and the possibility of artificial intelligence. Because of this photos in low lighting turned out better than ever.

Special mention deserves the Night Sight inside smartphones Pixel. Enjoy the results of the survey on the night work here.

A good zoom as a given

The world saw the extra telephoto lens the lens inside the iPhone 7 Plus in 2016. In addition to the usual digital zoom, the smartphone is also pleased dual optical approximation.

Users appreciate the new. It is difficult to find producers who would not have released a smartphone with an additional lens.

Here we remember Huawei P20 and Pro Mate Pro 20 that stand out. The system uses three-times optical zoom 8-megapixel camera, and data of 40-megapixel of the window. The result is called Hybrid Zoom, he is ahead of competitors and quite a bit of time.

Scene recognition

Flagships Samsung’s got a cool feature called Scene Optimizer. The smartphone determines the composition and automatically selects the best settings for the type of contrast, brightness, and other factors. It is working effectively. In addition, other manufacturers adopt counterparts in the cheaper models.

Cool selfie

In 2018 all I wanted to do the best ‘selfies’. iPhone XS uses a clever HDR on frontalka for shooting individuals in a bad light, Huawei smartphones are able to do similar with AI HDR.

The gold leaves of Pixel 3. The smartphone not only combines two 8-megapixel camera for wide angle selfies, but also supports Synthetic Fill Flash. Thanks to her, the camera detects human faces and automatically makes them stand out. Now it is possible to dispense with the twisting of the exposure in the photo editors.

Are you pleased with the cameras of the new smartphones you? Discuss the situation and share selfies in a Telegram chat AndroidInsider. But only decent!

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