Why a visit to the pyramids — a waste of time?

In 2007, millions of people voted to make the complex of pyramids of Giza one of the seven wonders of the world. Of course, after this event, visit the ancient sights of Egypt wished almost every lover of travel. It may not be the best idea — according to the journalist of Business Insider magazine, visiting the ancient pyramids, this is extremely boring and even painful activity. In proof of his words he cited some very convincing arguments.

 Пирамиды Гизы

The first place that was visited by the journalist, was the Red pyramid in the Dahshur necropolis. She got this name were found in the red limestone rocks. To enter it, you only need to buy a ticket to the complex, while to visit other pyramids in addition to the base ticket you need to buy additional value of up to $ 15.

Пирамиды Гизы

Before you visit the pyramids, it must be remembered that this is the tomb of storage of the bodies of the deceased pharaohs and protect their wealth. They were not intended to visit living people, so no convenient stairs can not be considered. To get to the main room with a stepped ceiling height of 12 meters, it is necessary to pass through a narrow passage. You need to be prepared for the fact that to meet can be caught out returning tourists — claustrophobic this way is unlikely to enjoy.

Пирамиды Гизы

According to the traveler, despite the cold weather outside, inside the pyramid is extremely hot and stuffy. Plus, the air is so strong mildew smell that people have to cover their noses with scarves. All what you can see is empty rooms and passages, whose walls are covered with graffiti explorers and tomb raiders. No interesting artifacts in there, as they are either stolen or are in museums.

Пирамиды Гизы

According to other tourists, the same emptiness reigns in the other pyramids. The only difference is that they are visited by a lot more people. Maybe they expect something more, as for the input require purchase of additional tickets.

And did you have a chance to visit the ancient pyramids? Do you agree with the journalist, or is there something to see? Their opinions and stories you can write in the comments or in our Telegram chat!

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