Why actually Apple has released iPadOS 13

Two weeks later, mysterious and criticized (maybe in vain) a new operating system created based on iOS, will encounter a merciless reality. Her innocent victim runs the risk of mouth iPad 7, which will be installed the first version. No beta, including the public, can not be compared with test to an unprepared audience, unsuspecting and not wanting to know anything.

iPadOS created specifically for tablets

Since the inception of the iPad, Apple (Steve jobs, but in 2010 it was one and the same) had a dream: to transform the tablet into a real laptop replacement. Dream come true: for those who used a laptop for chats, walks through the Internet, communication by e-mail and games, iPad has become the freedom from complex and arcane computer interfaces. If I was not familiar with people not able to comprehend the nonsense file systems, I wouldn’t believe that this is possible – and most surprisingly, everything else is totally reasonable and smart people. Paradox?

And along with the announcement of the first iPad Pro, in 2015, Apple suddenly called it a full replacement for laptops and even in the professional sphere. Tim cook, quite frankly, announced that it has successfully replaced my laptop on the iPad. Apple encouraged all who are willing to decide on it, for a week to postpone the move to laptops and desktops, and instead of them to use for the performance of their professional duties iPad Pro. Someone it even gave the temporary use. Odd request to anyone who did not know in advance what will be the result of this attempt. The thrust was enough for two days, and the rest surrendered some through the day, and someone and after a couple of hours. The iPad Pro was everything: computing power, applications for all occasions in the App Store, the intuitiveness and beauty of interface, but iOS is constantly getting in the way. Operating system, even supplemented by numerous features for iPad, catastrophically inferior computer systems.

The fact that iOS is unable to replace a real computer system, it was so obvious that it would be an uncomfortable question: can I lead one of the leading IT companies the man who does not see? Top managers of the company, heads of the most important directions, at least those who direct the development of operating systems – do they not know what the outcome of such a public testing? Doesn’t add up. They could not know that this is impossible. Then why? I have a version, but before I talk about it, we shall understand why in 2015, alongside the iPad Pro, Apple has not released iPadOS. Why not to use Windows or macOS, I think, is clear.

What is iOS+

iPadOS best operating system for tablets

In recent years, Apple engineers have gained considerable experience in developing iOS-like systems. tvOS, watchOS, bridgeOS, audioOS. Such systems are certainly more, just not all of them know. But all these systems have one feature: this is a variation on a theme iOS without more or less considerable part of the functions. With the addition of specialized, but still a smaller version. With more or less restricted circle of tasks. We call these systems “family of iOS“. iOS, from which it all happened, the most versatile and diverse of them, she’s the most developed and diverse interface. This is probably the best “home” operating system in the world. In any case, by the sophistication of touch-interface. In the first unnamed operating system for the first iPhone touch interface was born, his clash with the real world smoothly.

But the operating systems macOS, or Windows, with touch-interface is able to transform your tablet into a real laptop replacement, and even with the “Apple” ambition – well, no Apple the rights to produce precocious and crafts, which would be a shame. She does not understand. It must be the world’s best tablet operating system, not less. From the very first day. A serious operating systems are written for a long time. Years. Even if they are collected from the finished and perfected “elements”. The first thing to come up with what it should be. Despite the fact that operating systems in the world hundreds, if not thousands, it is not easy. In principle, it seems to be, everything was clear: a flexible system, able adult to work with peripheral devices, file system of a computer class – but in the specifications even for a game of tag approval “something” and “something cool and interesting” is inappropriate.

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A good system should be “intuitive”. I took that phrase in quotes because it is nothing more than a good metaphor. Interaction in any interface, even at its best, we must learn. The fundamental principles someone needs to tell. And knowing them, the “intuitive” interface, you can rely on intuition. Even the computer mouse has its own “language” – click, double click, drag and drop. He has the fingers about a multi-touch interface. The most difficult and non-obvious gestures, having in the system any associated value.

But first we must decide what and how the system should be able to. This iOS+, a breakthrough into a new and unknown, the system uses the new (don’t laugh) principles and ideas. To write the second macOS pointless, and it would not be entirely correct. In principle, macOS could be “close to” stupidly translate into a touch interface, not sophisticated. I’m not even going to explain why this is unacceptable. The key word is “stupid”, but it is not the Apple style.

Why iPadOS

Putting two and two together, I think I understand why they made this stupid test. It seems, no other explanation is suitable. If they are not clinical idiots, and such people don’t run successful companies, it is possible. Imagine how this could be: sometime in late 2014 or early 2015, Apple has come to the conclusion that the product companies need a very powerful iPad designed for professionals. I’m sure that immediately it was clear: iOS is not suitable for this. It is finalized, but this was clearly not enough – you need to create a new operating system. Ideas and suggestions were many, but to decide on priorities, what must and what could wait, so what exactly makes iOS compatible (in General is clear, but we need accurate data).

Need to know what to complain about as possible number of future users of the tablet system. At the same time maintaining the existence of the project secret. Needed to achieve the honesty and sincerity of these opinions. And here – “this is the final replacement laptops”, iPad Pro can be used for just what you are using laptops, try – for a week, refrain from all this “junk”. And it did work. On a new system already worked, the different views certainly helped in compiling the list of the most important for the success of the task system, and the fact that bad people thought about them – bad, but the real harm from this. Let them rejoice that they are smarter than Apple!

What will the future bring?

Until now, accurate and detailed information about iPadOS still under embargo. Everyone who enjoys it for now, except illegals, under a subscription about nondisclosure. All we know is the first beta version for developers desperately fail, not all decisions of the developers of the system were equally successful, and since then has released several beta versions, including a public beta, and although bugs and absurdities in them still persist, the system still, from time to time, crashes or buggy – now it is treated with understanding. But the main thing we learn when it will be in the hands of untrained users. Two weeks wait?

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