Why ado between the West and China on the technology of fifth generation 5G? – BBC

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Reports say the British government has allowed Huawei to the Chinese play a “limited role” in the establishment of the next generation of electronic communications amid the murmurs of an international or especially in the West about the security risks surrounding this new technology.

He said government sources British Reuters news agency, the London intend to allow Huawei to contribute in the founding of the parts of the non-core of the network of the fifth generation ( 5G) in the country, but it will enable them to participate in building the core parts of the network.

Recall that the basic part of the network is the one which contains the joints and its vital that you store the sensitive information, while including the non-core equipment such as towers, antennas and other equipment is vital.

The move came despite calls from the United States, an ally of Britain document, the Prohibition of dealing with Huawei to fully participate in the establishment of infrastructure, generation of 5G on the grounds that it might be used to eavesdrop or spy or subversive by Beijing.

Experts say the technology the technology the fifth generation has changed our lives fundamentally changed, as she let the speed of its high-tech drive the car that drives itself to conduct surgeries remotely.

But American officials say that it will double the security concerns as a result of the pivotal role of the basic that will be delivered by electronic communication in our daily lives and increase the number of devices connected to the new system.

Image Source Reuters
Image caption Came this step despite the invitations from the United States, an ally of Britain document, the Prohibition of dealing with Huawei to fully participate in the establishment of infrastructure, generation of 5G on the grounds that it may be used for eavesdropping or spying or sabotage by Beijing

Critical infrastructure

Stretch technology 5G in all aspects of life from hospitals to transport networks to the installations of power generation, will become an integral part of the infrastructure for each state.

This will make the results of the corruption of these networks or use them to deliberately sabotage the more serious.

Says Robert Strayer, responsible for e-policy in the Ministry of foreign affairs of America in that regard, “would be to offer 5G a significant impact on all aspects of our lives, because they will become critical infrastructure for many of the services provided to the general public. So if you give one of the networks 5G, there will be serious implications for every lawyer of the society”.

New connections

Experts say the increase in communication speed in the network 5G, Sigma billion electronic devices to connect to the internet.

These include telephony and confusion of the traditional internet, and will also include devices and equipment that can connect to the internet from dishwashers to advanced medical equipment. Expects the institution GSMA specialized domain of industrial to double the number of this type of devices at least 3 times to 25 billion devices by 2025.

But, the more you grow up the network expands, will allow more opportunities for hackers and vandals that attacked the network for their own purposes. In other words, will the network of large and more complex in need of protection.

Network available

One of the important changes between the technologies of 4G and 5G capacity recent deployment of the sophisticated capabilities once reserved to “core” or “nucleus” of the network deployment and distributed to other parts of the network. This will allow quick connections more secure and reliable.

But it will also mean that technicians and specialists will not be able to protect the parts of the hinge in the system, by named U.S. officials.

It is with these in view a number of British officials.

He said Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the British parliament, “allowing Huawei to participate in the establishment of the infrastructure for 5G in Britain will lead our allies to doubt our ability in securing information and will also undermine confidence in the eyes of the five”.

Recall that the “Five Eyes” Are the intelligence includes in its membership both Britain and the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada – all countries speaking in English.

Added Tugendhat “to differentiate between core and non-core is very difficult when it comes to system 5G“.

The use of system 5G

System 5G newest system for wireless communications.

Do not provide this service currently only five companies are Huawei and ZTE (China’s two) and Nokia (Finland) Samsung (South Korean) aren (Sweden).

The income of the new system into use in April 2019 in South Korea, the companies said SK Telecom Telecom that it had established a 38 A and the station broadcast company said KT that it had established a 340 A and the terminal company said LG ‘s established 180 stations, in six cities.

Launched company Verizon service 5G in a limited number of shops in my city of Chicago only in the United States.

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