Why Android users switching to iOS and Vice versa? The main reason

The transition from one OS to another is not easy. It requires courage and willingness to go over the data transfer and selection of new applications. The journalists talked with defectors and found most popular reasons for this decision.

The study authors were employees of PC Mag which interviewed 2,500 people. 18 percent of them switched from Android to iOS, while 11 — on the contrary. 71 percent of respondents have not changed the operating system, according to GSMArena. By the way, 54 percent of respondents use iPhoneand 27 the device Samsung.

The results are interesting. The vast majority of former iPhone users chose Android smartphones due to the more affordable prices and better user experience. These indicators had 29 and 30 percent, respectively.

While 47 percent of the former adherents of Android said more comfortable working with iOS. A quarter of new smartphone owners, Apple has pleased best features — design, camera, and so on.

It’s funny that the rate of release of updates, more apps and the best service has faded into the background. They account for about 10 percent on each side.

Did you change operating systems? What was the main reason and has lived up to your expectations? Share your answers in the comments and Telegram chat AndroidInsider.

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