Why Apple canceled the release of the AirPower

A couple of days ago it became knownthat Apple had abandoned his ambitious project AirPower. According to the Vice-President of Apple’s hardware, the product did not meet the high standards of the company, from-for what the project was finally scrapped. Why it happened and what challenges faced the engineers and specialists in the development of AirPower? Let’s deal.

Initially, the idea of AirPower seemed perfectly safe — the user has at its disposal device, which could wirelessly charge multiple types of devices — iPhone, Apple Watch and the case for AirPods. Nobody has suggested such solution, and it is obvious that the product many have been waiting impatiently. However, as time went on, and the fate of the project remained unknown.

Only recently the situation became clear. Experts iFixit found out that Apple was put before the engineers of virtually impossible tasks. The fact that all wireless chargers work on the same principle — for energy transmission uses electromagnetic induction. Electricity is passed between the coils — one mounted in the charger, the other in your smartphone or tablet.

However, a similar principle of energy transfer may cause interference, which, in theory, could bring down various devices, including medical devices such as a pacemaker and a hearing aid. To prevent this from happening, the Federal communications Commission, USA and other similar agencies set strict limits on wireless radiation.

As a rule, interference from only one charging coil is completely safe. However, if the charger is used two or more coils that may arise some difficulties. Each coil generates the modified waveform. When these waves collide, interference getting stronger.

According to experts, this is the main issue of AirPower. According to rumors, Apple was going to install in AirPower from 16 to 24 induction coils. It is much more than any other wireless charger. This was done in order to make the impact of energy on the entire surface of the wireless platform.

Alas, the engineers of the Corporation and are unable to cope with the disturbances that create such a large number of charging coils. In addition, the charging station is overheated in the process. A year and a half of hard work, and as a result, an ambitious project AirPower was closed.

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