Why Apple decided to hide the sales numbers of its organs in the future?

Last week we talked about the fourth quarter results and a summary of the financial year 2018 from Apple –this link– and at the end we mentioned that Apple has taken a strange decision and sudden which hide hardware sales numerical the future. This decision was not simple a Lost Cause in the decline in Apple’s share price almost 10% “of nearly 100 million dollars” and knocked Apple out of the corporate club trillion, which was the only member in it. So why Apple has taken this bizarre decision and how it will affect the future of the company? And the secret is to stop the collapse of the building?

لماذا قررت أبل إخفاء أرقام المبيعات لأجهزتها مستقبلاً؟

An important clarification

This article is based on a forecast and analysis of the reason Apple’s take this resolution; we try to imagine how the idea of Apple and its leadership when taken; does not mean that we support it but we’re mad at him because he would deprive us of the fun of analysis of the numbers and compare them like we always do. No we in this article we explain to read and highlight the reading as some think when we say this illustration.

Professional money not quality

Said by Apple explicitly in the commentary is that the primary goal of any investor in any place is to win more money; yes this is real companies established to raise funds to do human goal is the dissemination of technical in the world; and this is what I meant by Apple which makes sense from a purely physical; for example, which is better to tell your company that she has sold 200 million iPhone and connect 10 million or has sold 150 million iPhone and connect 20 million. Important is the profits because you are an investor and not Hawaii Online wants sales impressive light by his friends, lovers and other companies.

So Apple decided to hide the number of devices sold and all for “justice” but it will continue to tell us in the language of money as the proceeds and profit from the sale.

Reduce the impact of rumors

Another goal you want Apple hiding sales numbers is to reduce the impact of rumors; when we hear rumors of Mac devices like and no one wants to buy it and then find the report says the rise in revenue from the Mac “caused by the price increase as we will see in the next paragraph” they start rumors in pressure gradually because with the time source, whether local or newspaper lose credibility over time talking about the collapse of the sector and proceeds to bloom, it starts an investor to ignore any rumors about the numbers because they can’t be sure of sales shows an increase.

So far all of the above makes sense, why the wrath of investors of Apple’s decision if and loss apple 10% of its value?

The yield of the high prices

This point is explained in detail in an article last year –this link– and we reiterate it briefly here because we will need it; Apple recently started to increase the prices of its devices are clear and substantial. Imagine that the iPhone price up the highest to approximately 1600$ the iPad reaching 2100$ for the top (California prices inclusive of VAT) any that Apple raised more than raise the price of the device and increase the grassroots are dangerous to the future.

Image showing the cost in case your desire to buy the iPad-iPhone and-iPad top version of the Apple Store California

To learn how you can manipulate the numbers; imagine with me that Apple will sell 200 million iPhone with an average price of $ 700. any of the total 140 million returns. And the following year sales fell to become 175 million, but increased the average to become a 800$ any total of 140 million also. If Apple announced sales figures, it would appear that devices sold decreased, but if the announced sales because of the number of understanding you will see that the constant figure of 140 million but increased profits (profit margin of Apple is high) and it’ll be positive. This hide the number of devices sold, unlike the news quite experience a negative into a positive.

See next image you will see that the proceeds of the iPhone jumped a clear in 2018, but digitally Apple sold the same number of devices almost where the increased figure of 216.7 million to become 217.7 million only.

The importance of grassroots a large

You sales Samsung 2018 greater or 2017 is? Of course 2017 was the largest as well as 2016 was the largest of 2017. But Samsung is facing a problem which is difficult to Chinese (Huawei – Shao – OBO), but because of the large base of Samsung popular they are still undecided on the corporate forefront. When you have 200 million customers and covers $ 20 million and change, that means 10% but if you have 100 million and you 20 million, that means 20%. There are important grassroots petition is that they believe in your collapse. But if you have a few clients, leaving you will cause a disaster. So always needs the investor to know the number of users of Apple devices to do you have a number of big customers if the released product by the problem and the wrath of the mission will not affect strongly; or a small number if the wrath of some and Apple will be a disaster.

The bottom line

Apple wants to reduce the information available to significantly build it will become more resistant to the rumors and negative news. And on the other information is very important for the investor the lack of information has become it mysterious and additional and greater difficulty in predicting the future with this smile the average investor or analyst simple about Apple and it two only two big investors who have the institutions of the analytical pump you can know precisely sales; or investor very simple who trust in Apple and will reach 2 trillion this belief is motivated by loyalty, not sales numbers

So don’t learn to see volatility in Apple shares over the coming weeks, ups and downs, but with time you will be back to club trillion, but and all losses (if there wasn’t political crises affecting rates).

You mentioned reasons compelling for you? Or is there another reason behind the hide Apple’s sales of its organs, of? Thankful that we in the commentary

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