Why Apple Is Disingenuous By Banning Game Streaming Services

Streaming services have revolutionized the way we think about content. If earlier we – of course, not all of us – were forced to buy songs and films by the piece on special platforms like iTunes, then with the advent of streaming, it became possible to get everything at once. Yes, there is a new cost in the form of a regular subscription that you have to pay every month, but this is a convenience fee. As a result, not only music and movies, but even games moved to the cloud. But for some reason, Apple doesn't want to admit their existence.

Apple has no real reason to ban streaming game services

Как разработчики под носом у Apple создали альтернативный App Store

I guess you haven't forgotten how a couple of weeks ago Apple banned Microsoft from placing the xCloud game streaming service on the App Store . Cupertino decided to deny placement because they cannot check games that are published outside the official catalog. In principle, this is logical, given that Apple is used to controlling the content of games and software that its users get access to. But this contradicts the very essence of streaming services, which the company somehow divides into two unequal camps.

Why there are no streaming game services on iOS

Streaming gaming services broadcast the picture just like online cinemas

The App Store can now host streaming services that provide access to music and movies, but not games. Although, it would seem, what is the fundamental difference between them? After all, both Amediateka and Yandex.Music can host inappropriate content, and Apple cannot control it. In theory, the company could remove the applications of these sites from the App Store upon a complaint from users, but this method works for all programs in general, while it has no ability to influence their content.

Мне надоело, что на iOS становится меньше игр , чем для Android

Apple claims it cannot check games on cloud platforms like xCloud and GeForce Now, and therefore prohibits them from placing their applications in the App Store. But in Cupertino for some reason they pretend not to know how streaming gaming services work. And, meanwhile, they run games on remote servers, and the user is only given a picture that he controls over a wireless connection. It turns out that these are the same films, only interactive – with the ability to influence what is happening on the screen.

What is the trick of streaming gaming services

The series "Black Mirror" can also be equated with online gaming

Yes, I am aware that games are quite different from movies and TV shows, but Netflix's Black Mirror offers about the same, the old line between online cinemas and cloud gaming. Because at this moment nothing starts on the device itself. This means that there is no threat to the user and his data and cannot be. Why is Apple so afraid? She is afraid of infecting users' devices with malware. But through online broadcasting, this cannot be done from the word at all.

Почему я выберу для игр Android , а не iOS

Apple employs very smart people who understand how streaming services work even better than you and me, and are well aware that streaming gaming is in fact no more dangerous than online cinemas. This means that the real reason for the bans on placing such services in the App Store is not at all fears for the safety of users, but in something else. Personally, I am of the opinion that in this way in Cupertino they simply protect Apple Arcade , which, in the presence of more advanced competitors, no one else wants to use .

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