Why Apple no longer provides iOS to install 13.2

On the night of 15 November, Apple has stopped signing iOS 13.2. This means that the owners of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will no longer be able to install this version of the operating system. However, since the release of iOS 13.2 it took not much time – Apple usually revokes the operating system later. What is the hurry this time?

The iOS update 13.2, you can no longer install

Last week, the wider public became available iOS 13.2.2, and it’s one of the reasons why the previous OS version is no longer available. After all, the biggest change in iOS 13.2.2 the correction of problems associated with background applications and multitasking (when applications consume too much memory). The upgrade also included improving the performance of cellular data support for Exchange in Mail app and more.

Why iOS is not available 13.2

Therefore, if users have installed on their iOS device 13.2, they could be faced with incorrect operation of the operating system and too great a memory consumption.

Another reason for the opinion OS — release program for iOS 13.2, which works on iPhone X and older smartphones. In iOS 13.2.2 vulnerability, which was used by the hackers were removed.

Apple intentionally deprives users of the ability to freely downgrade to older iOS versions. Therefore, companies try to avoid fragmentation is well known to users of devices running Android, and to maintain uniform standards across the ecosystem. Therefore, the practice of revocation of signature for the company is widespread. Return to older iOS is commonplace in the community of jailbreak and sometimes it can be useful for users who have a lot of errors after updating to the latest iOS version.

Apple always discontinues the signature of the old versions of iOS later, about a month after the update. Therefore, the company wants users to install the latest version of the operating system, which includes the latest achievements of engineers in the field of security and performance.

By the way, iOS 13.3 is currently under development and a public beta. Already set himself? Tell us in our Telegram chat.

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What’s new in iOS 13.3

Already updated to iOS 13.3?

  • In the Settings there is a separate item to disable keyboard with Emoji;
  • Have the opportunity to limit the communication with the selected subscribers via the “Screen time”;
  • Updated the Apple Watch icon on the application icon Watch;
  • Added the ability to control settings AirPods Pro using the “Universal access”;
  • The iPad introduces the ability to switch between different modes AirPods Pro via the control Point.

Most likely, this will be the next milestone release of iOS with improved control over “Screen time”, additional settings and improvements. I want to believe that iOS 13.3 will be better than the previous versions of the operating system, because the design of iOS 13 was too many mistakes.

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