Why Apple will continue to reduce prices on iPhone

Lower prices for new iPhone modelsthat Apple has gone to some countries, led to a rise in their sales. China, Japan, India, Russia and several other countries have shown an increase in demand for the flagship devices of the company after she decided to give them discounts. The most significant correlation between price reduction and sales growth was in China, where the iPhone fell because of the actions of Apple and the reduction in the VAT rate. But analysts believe that this is not enough and tipped a new wave of discounts.

According to analysts on wall street, in Cupertino do not plan to stay and are preparing to cut prices on new iPhone models. Likely, discounts will be available in developing countries, where Apple will try to spur sales in the Chinese model, which showed itself quite effective. Lower prices should spur sales, and despite lower income from each sold smartphone in the aggregate should bring the company out of stagnation.

Buy iPhone XR discount

In Russia, most likely, Apple will focus on iPhone XR, which is one of the best selling vehicles of the brand to date, entering the top three. Since obviously reduce prices of smartphones the company cannot, it makes sense to rely on the provision of so-called retro-bonus. This is part of the paid for smartphone tools that returned to the buyer in one form or another. For example, MTS return customers money on the card MTS-Bank.

Fortunately, as can be seen in the market, a gap for retro-bonus is still there. The same MTS returns for buying the base iPhone XR only 3,500 rubles for the price of the device is 59 990 rubles. Increasing the amount of cashback up to 7000 or 10 000, the probability that the smartphone will find buyers, is increasing greatly. However, to operate on this model on a permanent basis is impossible, believe industry experts, because in the long run, such generosity may lead to losses.

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