Why Apple won’t release available TV console?

ТВ-приставка Apple

Last week, the publication of The Information announced that Apple may release an analogue of affordable and compact TV set-top box Chromecast. It was believed that thus the company will be able to compete with Google and Amazon, as well as to expand the audience of your future video service. The authors of the publication Digital Trends believe that cheap set-top box from Apple is not going to happen. In defense of their argument, they cited several good reasons.

First, Apple is unlikely to want to produce a low-cost device that could derail sales of the Apple TV 4K, which are going very well. For example, in major chain stores Best Buy Apple — the second most popular device for viewing streaming video. In the first place is Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, which attracts buyers more affordable price.

Second,Apple fans are willing to pay for “premium” device any money. For example, people are already difficult to surprise price of new iPhone is the $ 1000 has become the norm. It is reasonable to assume that buyers would not be difficult to find the money for Apple TV 4K, and the availability of cheaper alternatives would have destroyed the thrill of the use of expensive equipment.

Third, the experience of other companies shows that sales of inexpensive consoles a lot of money did not earn. Manufacturer of TV set-top boxes Roku in the third quarter of 2018 earned on the sales of devices $ 73.3 million. Income from advertising and services from partner companies brought much more money — more than $ 100 million. Large companies such as Google and Amazon, also consider your TV set-top box as a tool to attract big money through advertising.

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