Why are manufacturers of Android devices need to change your approach?

Say what you will, but between devices from Apple and their competitors on Android, there is one fundamental difference. It is not even the fact that it’s two camps of fans and not the differences in operating systems. The difference lies in the kind of approach that is expressed in the details. Often, these items are very greasy and neither one nor the other side do not hurry to change something in this direction. The new tablet from Huawei once again proves it.

Apple and Android… Android and Apple… How much has been said about it, but always have something else to talk to.

Rumors about the new Huawei

Increasingly, the network began to appear rumors that Huawei will soon unveil its new tablet the MediaPad lineup. The range is already wide enough and unprepared people can easily get confused in these ”M”, ”T”, ”Lite” and so forth, but still it is not really a premium device.

According to rumors, the novelty will be called MediaPad Pro. It is not difficult to notice how in recent years, manufacturers like such labeling. Even now everything Apple Pro, including headphones. The new tablet was discovered in the leaked press releases, and its main external feature is the hole in the screen for the front camera.

What a familiar keyboard.

Most likely, the novelty will work on Kirin 990, to be charged via a USB type-C and have up to 8GB of RAM. Built-in memory, not likely to be 128 GB, but 1 TB should be expected. It is most likely that the maximum memory is 512 GB.

But Apple and Pencil. Wait! Why it says Huawei?

Now do not dwell on the fact that the tablet to a brother like Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, and that, in turn, on the iPad Pro 2018, which began with such a design. Even stylus pen M-Pen is very similar to the Apple Pencil. About the keyboard, I generally keep quiet. Not sure it was necessary so to do, because in the end, Huawei is able to work with the design and can offer something more distinctive. Why include classical Chinese, and copy cupertinos design, which, incidentally, is not very good. With smartphones, too, at first there was a blind copying, but then the Chinese companies have moved on to other technical solutions, and in some ways even ahead of Apple. Not very popular in the segment of tablets, the design is still at the first stage — the stage of copying the leader.

Today at the Geneva motor show was spotted by a group of Chinese tape measures and clipboards. the old joke is relevant now

What distinguishes Android

Now, manufacturers of Android smartphones are very actively trying to emphasize the contrast to Apple, which they reached in the last couple of years. I mean the location of the front camera is not in the bangs. Someone is actively improving traveling mechanisms, someone tries to place a camera in the hole, and someone is trying to get her under the screen. I don’t like the camera in the hole and maybe that’s why I was puzzled that the camera of the new tablet is just that.

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Let’s start with the fact that this tablet. It should not be compact and in the case of components are not as tight as in the case of the smartphone. That’s why it’s no problem to use a traveling camera. Moreover, Huawei is not just developing in this area, but specific smartphones, which is successfully sold in the market.

In addition, the front camera in the smartphone is typically used more actively, at that time, as in the tablet you need it only for video. Few people will do in her sebesky. On my tablet I even with the main camera I use about half a year, and the number of activations of the frontal tends to zero as Nokia to the next bankruptcy. That is why to hide the camera in the housing would be the most logical step, so she’s not an eyesore and only used when needed.

You say that the camera need to unlock and you’re right. Here only the frames allow to place the module in them, actually, as did Apple. Even if it is hard can on the side to place a fingerprint scanner or in the end to make the frame a little wider, but this spot will not stand out before our eyes every day, when I want to watch your favorite TV series.

Based on what objective reasons to use this method of placing the camera there, it can be concluded that this is the situation when the Android manufacturers are actively trying to show the world that they are not Apple and can do more. Do not care that the lapped design as a blueprint, but there is a proprietary feature, which is great and terrible Apple couldn’t implement it here.

What color would pick?

Another example of the special way that you can lead in the end are the colors that the new tablet will be four. And it’s not gray, dark gray, dark gray and black, and several different striking options. That’s just again, some people do care what color his tablet? Smartphone Yes, but at the expense of the importance of color tablet not sure.

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