Why are people afraid of cryptocurrency. The obvious answer is Bitcoin a maximalist

Prominent Bitcoinenthusiasts often spend blitz session online to debunk some of the most obvious misconceptions about CryptoRandom. In a recent video on YouTube of Andreas Antonopoulos shared their views on the factors that influence the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Should I buy Bitcoin

The reason why people are afraid to invest in the cryptocurrency, “is a misunderstanding of the inherent technology”. He also told the audience that now is preparing a report which will help many people better understand it and stop being afraid to invest.

We all used to use “pseudovariety”. The Bank may cancel your transaction if you wish. But sometimes he may cancel it, even when you do not want. While Bitcoin does not allow to return as a transaction and rather gives a guarantee — guarantee the fulfillment of the transaction.

Antonopoulos also hinted that the contract can modify and add to the refund policy. This will help to avoid disputes in the future.

So you will be able to guarantee the consumer a refund, but only the owner will be able to choose a third party for arbitration. This is not an irreversible payment, and irreversible guarantee.

He also explained that although the current technical limitations make it difficult to implement such a scenario, we only need a few additional innovations. And in the end cryptocurrency will be able to offer “more reliable and predictable system of guaranteeing the protection of consumers than any existing system”.

Do you believe that soon we will finally be able to pay for buy bitcoins without additional applications and intermediaries? Are you willing to spend BTC on goods and services in shops and cafes? Share your answers in cryptodata of hontarov.

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