Why biofuels are the future civil and military aviation

Biofuel is fuel made from vegetable or animal raw materials, organic wastes and products of organisms. The list of products of biofuel is included as usual for us, like wood and straw, and a contraption, a sort of synthesis gas and biodiesel. In recent years, scientists around the world are trying to find ways to develop a cheap method of production of low-carbon fuels that could eventually replace petroleum products. Moreover, the main steps in this direction is taking the aviation industry.

Recently, for example, Etihad Airways conducted the first commercial flightrunning on a biofuel — it used biofuels on the basis of Salicornia (plants of coastal strip with a high concentration of salt in the soil). In other words, just the kerosene was diluted with biofuels in the ratio of 50: 50 on biofuels aircraft yet to fly can not.

Behind UAE about their plans announced in the Netherlands. The Ministry of defence has said it wants to transfer the entire military aviation of the country for flights on biofuel. First, all military aircraft will fly with a 20% addition of biofuels, but over time its contents will increase to 70 %.

In 2018 the Netherlands has already conducted a test in which a fighter in the next two weeks I am flying on a mix with 5% concentration of biofuel. Now all F-16 assigned to the air base in Leeuwarden, fly with the same ratio of fuel.

Looks like the biofuels will be extended mainly in civil aviation, but already there is a “catch up” and military. Last year, for example, the airline Qantas announced that its plane made an Intercontinental flight from the USA to Australia with fuel partially composed of mustard. For flight used mixed fuel, for 90 percent consisting of conventional aviation kerosene and the remaining ten percent made up of ordinary mustard oil.

Whether the Russian airline, at least partially, to use biofuel to fly commercial flights in the near future? In a press-service of S7 Group edition Hi-News stated that these plans have a carrier yet. “Aeroflot” did not provide prompt comment on this issue. Looks like Asian and European airline needs to show economic efficiency and the use of a new type of fuel.

The widespread use of mixed fuel will help one-third reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, and, therefore, will act as a tool to fight global warming.

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