Why birth in ancient times were much easier?

The birth of a child is a very joyful and at the same time very painful process for mothers, which can last for dozens of hours. Some women have compared the pain of childbirth with the barrel all the bones of the pelvis without anesthesia, but almost each of them subsequently recognized that sustained the pain was worth it to see your child. Meanwhile, scientists believe that our ancestors never experienced this level of pain and easily gave birth within a couple of hours. To find out why the ancient people it was easier to give birth, the scientists, led by anthropologist Natalie Laudicina tried to reproduce the birth process on the computer.

Australopithecus Lucy lived 3.5 million years ago and belonged to the species Australopithecus afarensis

In truth, they knew the possible cause of easy childbirth. According to them, women began to experience extreme pain in the days, when our species mastered bipedalism. Vertical walk so changed the shape of our pelvis that the birth canal of women began to narrow. The size of babies ‘ heads hasn’t changed and to squeeze through the birth canal it needs to turn over several times in the womb.

Why it hurts to give birth?

To find out how much easier it was to give birth to our ancestors, scientists have created models of the pelvic bones of ancient humans of the species Australopithecus sediba, Australopithecus afarensis and Homo erectus, and modern female chimpanzees and humans. They also created a curved model, shaped and size like the head of a newborn baby. By combining these models they compared how easily a baby’s head passed through the birth canal.

Through the birth canal Australopithecus sediba child’s head went easier than modern women

It turned out that birth canal, who lived between 1.95 million years ago, a member of the species Australopithecus sediba was wide enough that a child passed through the channel. That is, the process of childbirth took place with a minimum of pain and within a few hours or even minutes. Modern women, in turn, the birth canal was more narrow, which could explain the pain during childbirth.

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Birth and evolution

You would think that the pain of childbirth intensified in the course of evolution, but it is not. Yes, the ancient people of the species Australopithecus sediba gave birth quickly and easily, but their ancestors lived for a million years before Australopithecus afarensis — had experienced pain in childbirth. In this regard, scientists it is difficult to say at what stage in the evolution of childbirth is so painful.

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To give this question an accurate answer, scientists plan to conduct research using a larger number of models of the pelvic bones of our ancestors. Even if the new experiment will give a clear understanding of the evolution of pain during childbirth, researchers will begin to look for another cause of pain — perhaps in addition to the shape of the pelvis are involved, and other factors.

In General, over time, people have changed not only the pelvic bone, and face. The reason for that served as as tread and other factors like climatic conditions and ways of eating. About how it changed our face over millions of years, can be read in our material. Take some time and watch the video inside this article — it’s amazing!

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