Why Bitcoin has not grown during the conference Consensus 2018. Version Volume Whether

By the end of next year, the cost of Bitcoin will be in the range from 20 to 60 thousand dollars, is told in the may report Foundstart. Together with the course of the first cryptocurrencies will increase the profitability and volumes of mining, analysts said. Now, Lee explained why the rate of coins soared during cryptocephalinae Consensus 2018, which was held in new York last week. His words are quoted by Bloomberg.

Why not increased the Bitcoin Tom’s opinion Whether

Tom Lee — known Bitcoin optimist, he often makes positive predictions about the future of the first cryptocurrencies. This time he was wrong — in early may, the head Foundstart said that the conference will become a catalyst for the growth of Bitcoin to 15 thousand dollars per coin. However, at the time of publication notes the coin was worth thousands of 8.53.

According to the analyst, the forecast is not justified because the regulators are still undecided about their attitude to the crypt.

In order for the Bitcoin exchange rate went up, must be three conditions are met: emergence of institutional repositories, participation in the leadership conference of banks and managers, and regulatory certainty. But was performed only the first two conditions.

As long as Central Banks don’t make a decision about digital money, the market will not a lot of money. Institutional investors not ready to invest in uncertain assets, said Lee. Despite the fact that analyst forecast did not come true, cryptocurrency, after the conference, “become stronger”.

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