Why Bitcoin is waiting for is still a long road to mass adoption

About Bitcoin heard only one percent of the population of the whole Earth. Mostly men with higher education up to the age of 34 years. At least, so show the data from the report, Facebook Audience Insights.

According to statistics, only 20 to 25 million of the approximately 2.5 billion users of Facebook interested in Bitcoin. This is approximately 0.3 percent of the world population. If the projected figure for the rest of the people around the world that despite the presence of the Internet simply is not registered in Facebook, we get a more realistic picture. It is very unlikely that at least 0.5 percent of the total population of the world show interest to the first cryptocurrency.

Most of Bitcoin are interested in young single men

Men — particularly the young — are much more interested in cryptocurrency in comparison with women. They account for 76 percent of the total number of fans of the cryptocurrency. The graph below shows that Bitcoin enthusiasts are often men and women aged 25 to 34 years. And almost no one older than 55 years is not interested in cryptocurrencies.

The popularity of Bitcoin among users of Facebook by gender and age. Source: Facebook

It is curious that in 23 percent of cases, fans of Bitcoin was lonely. There is a 36 percent probability that interested in Bitcoin people will have finished graduate school. 71 per cent of fans BTC has a diploma of higher education.

Very partial to the cryptocurrencies are it pros, mathematicians and people with technical education. At least, these people are much more interested in Bitcoin than the entrepreneurs and employees of the financial sector.

Lowest interest Bitcoin show American veterans and the military. The exception may be a veteran of the war in Iraq, Anthony Pompliano, which is an early investor in Bitcoin and has long had the reputation of one of the most proactive cryptocurrency evangelists.

In some countries, Bitcoins are the best?

Not so long ago we already wrote about the fact that now Bitcoin is the most popular in Nigeria. User statistics Facebook confirms this.

The popularity of Bitcoin among users of Facebook across countries. Source: Facebook

Residents of Mongolia will be surprised to learn that their country occupies the second place among the most interested in Bitcoin. Especially given that the Internet in the country is not particularly popular, and in the Mongolian branch LocalBitcoins almost no movement.

Not so long ago Mongolia was gradually transformed into a kind of hub for miners. Moreover, given the low cost of electricity and the relatively cool climate, this trend began to gain momentum.

It is expected, but the three leading causes of Venezuela. This is a country where Bitcoin is most popular among the population. In addition, there are some of the largest volumes of trading on LocalBitcoins.

Analysis of the Facebook Audience Insights, of course, has its limitations, especially in terms of audit data provided by the users themselves. And yet these results make it clear that the audience of Bitcoin is that the whole world is limited to a specific demographic group — young, tech-savvy men.

But for greater adoption of cryptocurrency in the world will have to wait. To speed up the process it can clear address, which we recently wrote. The idea is to send the coins in a convenient e-wallet — type the site address, rather than the usual combination of letters and numbers Bitcoin wallet. With such a scenario of confusion and problems, especially beginners, will be less.

Moreover, recently in the Oxford English dictionary the word “Satoshi”. This is another step to global popularity of cryptocurrency.

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