Why budget smartphones are more practical flagships

Our smartphones are equipped with a connector for charging. Some of them have not lost the 3.5 mm Jack. Some smartphones of the past have even used the HDMI connector. Today, the newer and more expensive smartphone, the fewer connectors. Technology now allows to manage absolutely without them. Do we like this trend?

To replace the headphone Jack came Bluetooth. Change charging Jack came wireless charging Qi. The hole for the SIM card and memory card can also be removed by placing in the casing eSIM and drive a large volume. Sooner or later, we can see the smartphone in which there will be no holes, not counting the small holes for the operation of microphones and speakers. And it will be expensive flagship smartphone.

It all began with the fact that manufacturers began making the devices in which it is impossible to replace the battery or remove it. Today, almost all the flagship models have a sealed body. Budget smartphones still come with a removable battery and 3.5 mm connectors.

By far the smartphone without connectors will be beautiful and elegant. But how practical? If you have dead Bluetooth headphones, the music you listen to. Some speakers or other equipment without Bluetooth the smartphone also not be able to connect.

If the smartphone without charging will drain, will have to look for Qi charging. Such charging today is not everywhere. You will not be able to charge the phone in a cafe or from the car, if it is not installed Qi charging. But if something happens with the software of your device or data on it? Direct road to service. Transfer this is only possible over Wi-Fi.

The rejection of the connectors are also impractical, as the rejection of a removable battery. It appears that today the budget smartphone and the smartphone of an average price segment to use more convenient. Manufacturers do not expect to give at least something in such models.

Today, you can find affordable Android smartphone with a removable battery. Can buy multiple batteries and forget about any problems. Remove SIM card and memory card when you need it. It does not need a special clip. Charge your phone from anything, connect to any speakers and headphones. Buying a budget smartphone, we pay less for more freedom of action.

Today it is possible to compare the expensive flagship smartphones with its beautiful and fast but not very comfortable and practical sports cars. Budget smartphones are not so fast and not so graceful, but they are ready for whatever we might need in everyday life. They are like SUV with a big trunk and simple engine.

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