Why buy a EVO X if you can buy an EVO cheaper with the same design!

We dealt with earlier in the plan of Apple to produce three phones EVO this year, the first version will be cheaper a 6.1-inch Type LCD and rear camera mono, and the second version is iPhone 9 plus-screen OLED 5.8 and camera Leicester, while the second version Visconti for iPhone X Plus screen OLED led by 6.5 inch and rear camera Double also.

Today you will take with you the rough look on the fabric design middle size and cheaper price of these three women compared with women biggest sale of them.

According to the latest reports, Apple is planning to launch a smaller version of the EVO new LCD screen size of 6.1 inches, the same design of the EVO X the biggest in the group, which comes with a OLED display measuring 6.5 inches with the design of the notation, usual and discover the minute, but how it will look like this design with a screen of Type LCD?

According to the nature of this type of display it needs to connectors more than OLED screens, and in case the manufacturer removes the side edges of the authentic bnwt in top, the company remains in a dilemma that it must be from the edge of the bottom Large of the phone to install the screen of the LCD well .

Apple keeps its design is possible with a new

Apple will not compromise on its determination possible even with the phone the cheapest LCD, where the company has resorted us to buy Nichia of Japan, which supplied Apple with 0.3 t LED chip, which make the process of connecting the the LCD screen is made with a smaller number of conductors required thereby reducing the size of the bottom edge.

Thanks to this technique you will need the LCD screen new to the area install 2 to 2.5 mm screen compared to the LCD case which need to be 4.5 mm to install the screen perfectly, which explains the retention of Android phones that use these screens the edge of the lower large although the removal of other senses.

If we are now in front of the two phones are identical in design, one with an LCD screen size of 6.1 inch and the price in the range of $ 700, and the other a flat OLED Display Size 6.5 inch and the price might exceed the $ 1000, and on Monday, the same design of the EVO X High-End. Which do you prefer?

Share with us what you think in the comments knowing that the version of OLED will come back with a double while coming LCD version camera background of the individual, with some differences in the configuration procedure.

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