Why camera technology the bottom of the screen is ready now for the user?

There are many users who prefer to get smart phones without note or other methods to include the front camera, to get smart phones full screen. And to do it with to keep the design current free of dialogue, it will be companies that find a way to include all sensors within the screen.

OBO, is one of the best selling brand in China, making our plan one step forward to reach the full screen, where it made a presentation of the first smartphone in the world comes with front camera within the screen, the bottom of the screen.

This already is an impressive achievement, but it’s not enough even now, there are a number of reasons that made us believe that the camera technology the bottom of the screen is now ready for the user.

The phone is not a commercial product yet

First, what is shown by the company, the Oppo won’t is not a phone you can actually go to the store and get it today, but it offers a look at the technical proof of the idea or concept. This is still important, of course, where businesses talk about the implementation of this technique a long time ago, and has proved the company Oppo Chinese that can be achieved in the real world, but there is a big difference between a prototype of the idea, and the commercial product work is ready for launch markets.

This is the lesson of the problem of Samsung phone the midwife to commend Galaxy Fuld. The technique was expensive so that the price is twice the price of current phones, but it turns out that it wasn’t the biggest problem.

The problem was that the women own press is ready for actual use, which led to the withdrawal of these women, the abolition of pre-orders to the police report, to re-arrange their positions and solve problems and to make sure that the device is already ready for launch, to announce the re-raised by the sword, where thought Samsung should have its products commercially in that time, although the idea is not yet ripe.

The picture quality is not high

The company OBO to submit a confession, that the quality of the images captured by the front facing camera at the bottom of the screen is not the quality of the images captured by the front facing camera normal phenomenon phones current, which includes the algorithms of the camera properties such as haze removal and color balance, but did not rise to offer image quality similar to the article phones the current.

Problem iPhone

For iPhone, if you decide to have Apple adopt this technology and provide front camera bottom of the screen to get full screen without the note, you’ll also need to hide a range of sensors up to 8, as follows:

  • Infrared camera
  • The proximity sensor
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Speaker
  • Microphone
  • Display raster dot projector
  • The lens of the front camera
  • Flood illuminator

There are some sensors that can find solutions such as the microphone and speaker and ambient light sensor without providing a lot of concessions, but the necessary elements with Face ID will enable the problem to full screen.

Therefore, the efforts of the Oppo to get this far is impressive, but there are still a large gap between this achievement and the iPhone at least.

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