Why can’t you keep your bitcoin on any online platforms

Popular in Israel exchange-crypto BT360 stopped working February 12, along with the official website. According to preliminary data, it was a necessary measure at the time of the investigation in regard to the matter of financial irregularities. That’s the only snag is that all users of the wallet are unable to access their coins.

The owner of the site BT360 Eyal Garden talked to Calcalist and said that he had fired CEO Erez fishler for violations when working with client tools. Here is his quote.

Now the site we were forced to stop work in order to understand the situation. After a response is received from the authorities, BT360 will return to work, and customers can continue to use their accounts.

What happened to the cryptocurrency exchange

Fischler with journalists unable to communicate, but he assured Calcalist that didn’t do anything wrong. According to him, that left the company a few weeks before the closure of the site and had access to clients ‘ accounts and, therefore, cannot be responsible for any loss.

I had no access to Bank accounts of the company and I was not authorized to sign the documents. I have no information about what accounts are owned by the company and used for storing user money. I didn’t know that this company is considered kosher and what is not. That’s why I decided to leave it on their own.

A bitcoin maximalist. Source: 2Биткоина

Users, understandably, are frustrated and do not understand what is happening. Cryptooperations resource Decrypt gathered a few comments on this matter. One of the clients of the company named Paz said.

Erez Fischler said that the money from Eyal. Eyal Garden said that the money from Erez. I went to the office last Sunday. Then, Fischler said that the authorities seized all the computers, and asked to be patient until there is a trial.

Problems with the cryptocurrency

According to Groove it is also clear that he kept the purse BT360 crypto-currencies in the amount equivalent to 50 thousand dollars. Unnamed sources told reporters Decrypt that at least a few people lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Another victim of the alleged exit poll Scam by the name of Ali Bejarano head of the Israeli cryptocurrency exchange Bit2C. He says that it worked closely with the Fischler last year they conducted joint testing a new product for cryptocercidae. According to him, while on this adventure he has lost a considerable amount.

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Yet journalists Calcalist has learned that Fischler was once owned chocolate company which subsequently went bankrupt. Since he was charged with at least forty of debt claims.

Source: 2Биткоина

Track record fishler gives hope that the words of the owner 360BT can be true. But on the other hand, if Fischler were indeed involved in the theft, it is unlikely that one of the angry customers would be able to catch him in the office workplace. But on the other hand, if Fischler argues that resigned a few weeks ago, why he was there? Too many questions, the answers to which are yet to be seen.

Unfortunately, the exit polls have benches it is not uncommon for Scripturally – this type of fraud has already tainted the reputation of the entire industry. Literally on the eve of Christmas past founder suspicious "Fund BitMEX" disappeared with investors ' money. The crook was lucky enough to steal 380 thousand dollars.

If you don't want to be in a similar situation, don't store the crypto currency exchanges and similar platforms. For long term storage we recommend the use of cool hardware wallets, but in all other cases – to always keep money in the wallets from which you have private keys.

By the way, for the loss of money not necessarily become a victim of the exit Scam. You can just keep the money on the stock exchange, which may suddenly shut down. Recently, the problem of withdrawal of money the users experience Tradesatoshi.

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